Are you looking to renovate your bathroom? Or did you just purchase a new home? Either way bathroom functionality is typically never a priority. We’re here to tell you not to push your bathrooms to the back-burner. Bathrooms are a space we use multiple times a day, and it should be a combination of functional and aesthetic value.

We get it, the market is filled with innumerable bathroom sinks of varying styles and features that can make shopping a tedious task. More often than not homeowners end up making a choice without looking at all the types of bathroom sinks available.

Not to worry. We’ve spared you the nightmare and put together a comprehensive guide on bathroom sink styles to help you make an informed decision.

Bathroom sink styles with countertop:

If you’re looking for a washbasin for your master bath or any bathroom that you’d typically use everyday, we strongly suggest fitting a sink on a countertop. This way you don’t need to install additional shelving to store your brushes, cosmetics and other bathroom paraphernalia. A countertop would also give you the opportunity to install some under sink storage.

Bathroom sink style #1: Self-rimming sinksbathroom sink styles

Self-rimming or drop in sinks can be easily mounted on top of a countertop. In fact, installation is quick and painless and can be wrapped up in an hour. Since they’re typically the go-to choice, you can be sure of its durability. The best part? These sinks are ideal if you’re renovating and need to change the sink on an existing countertop. If you are looking for something clean and simple, then this is the sink option for you.

Bathroom sink style #2: Undermount sinkbathroom sink styles

This bathroom sink is mounted below the countertop creating a smooth, seamless look and maximising countertop space. With this sink style, It is easy to wipe down contents of your countertop into the basin. However, it is compatible only with solid material countertops.

Bathroom sink style #3: Vessel sinksbathroom sink styles

If you are looking to make a style statement, then the vessel sink wins hands-down. Available in multiple materials — porcelain, glass, stone and even copper —  this sink sits on top of the countertop. Installation is fairly painless. Since these bathroom sinks are stylish and are sure to add some quirk to your bathroom, they come with its very own faucet. Maintenance will depend on the sink’s material.

Bathroom sink style #4: Apron front sinksbathroom sink styles

A 17th-century design has seen itself crawling back into current bathroom sink trends. Reminiscent of farmhouse designs, the apron front sink with its unique design gives your bathroom a charming feel. It’s installed on the countertop and ensures plenty of vanity space.

Bathroom sink style #5: Integrated sinksbathroom sink styles

Integrated bathroom sinks or countersinks were the default option in Indian households long before current sink styles arrived. A flowing transition is created by extending the sink into a countertop. A huge plus is that you can customise the sink and counter to fit your space. There’s a huge revival of this trend since the counter and sink are made from the same material to create an integrated look.

Bathroom sink styles without countertop:

If your bathroom is short on space, ditch the countertop and opt for one of the below sink styles.

Bathroom sink style #6: Pedestal sinkbathroom sink styles

The pedestal bathroom sink is a classic sink style. Its self-supporting mechanism allows it to be installed in small bathrooms. Space saving yet chic, the pedestal or legs come in a variety of designs.

Bathroom sink style #7: Wall mounted sinksbathroom sink styles

A widely popular Indian bathroom sink style is the wall-mounted sink. Its space-saving function is part of its appeal. Simply mount it on a wall. There’s no need for additional fixtures or a counter top. It also saves floor space.

Bathroom sink style #8: Console sinkbathroom sink styles

A console sink is a cross between wall mounted and pedestal sink styles. These bathroom sinks are available in multiple designer styles with either two or four legs. The space that a console sink eats up is largely dependent on the nature of its legs and can fit into small or big bathrooms to add some contemporary flair.

Now that you have an in-depth understanding of bathroom sink styles, it is time to go shopping! This time we hope you will pick something that enhances the functionality and aesthetics of your bathroom.