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DesignStyles cover

Printable Infographic: Design Styles 101

For most homeowners, planning their interiors is always an ongoing process. But sometimes, it can get overwhelming when you don’t know which design era your home furniture and decor belong to.

Cat friendly cover

Get A Cat-tastic Home In 5 Simple Ways

If you are a cat parent who also loves a beautiful home, we have just the perfect solution for all your catification problems. If your cat won’t stop scratching your furniture and tearing out your couch, or is simply grouchy like Garfield, it’s probably because your home isn’t cat-tastic enough. For the uninitiated, ‘catifiy’ was …


How To Design An Arthritis-Friendly Living Room

Our reader’s corner section features questions from our readers and provides insights on all topics related to home design, homekeeping and interiors.    This edition’s question: I live with my family of 5, including my mother who has arthritis. We want to design our living room that can be used by both our kids and …


How Long Should Your Curtains Be?

Our reader’s corner section features questions from our readers and provides insights on all topics related to home design, homekeeping and interiors.    This edition’s question: I’m in the process of choosing curtains for my living room, which has a combination of regular and full-length windows, along with glass doors leading out onto my patio. …

Moroccan Theme Bed

Decor Trip: Moroccan Style Home Decor

Our Decor Trip series brings you design inspiration from across the globe that will leave you enthralled. This edition focuses on how you can bring a Moroccan theme into your home in simple ways. A delectable concoction of Arabian, Mediterranean and Sub-Saharan African influences give Morocco – a country steeped in history – its exceptional …

Lattice Print Mugs

Free Downloadables | 5 Captivating Lattice Prints For Your Mugs

There is no such thing as too many mugs when you are a coffee addict, a tea aficionado or a lover of soups! Here are five alluring lattice mug prints compiled by our designers at Livspace just for you. Choose the one that resonates most with your personality or the entire batch to match your …

Inspiration | Fresh Flower Arrangements For This Summer

Inspiration | Fresh Flower Arrangements For This Summer

Summer months bring with them an appetite for freshness and lightness in home decor. No wonder then, that it’s the perfect time to indulge in creating some fresh flower arrangements to brighten up your room and bring a touch of nature indoors. Need some inspiration to get started? Here we go! Source: Rustic Crafts.com If […]

living room 5

How To | Plan Your Living Room Layout

The living room is one of the most visible areas of the house, used by both visitors and family members. Once you buy your living room furniture, you’re faced with the task of planning an efficient layout. Proper placement will make the best use of space available and also create an attractive, inviting setting for everyone. Here …

an elegant escapade e1475847103919

Editor’s Choice | Design Masterclass: How To Mix Decor Styles

Can’t decide whether you should stick to a sleek minimal look or go peppy 80’s retro style for your brand new home? A smart way out is to opt for a decor scheme that fuses elements of two or more styles. When done right, this can result in beautiful spaces that bring together the most …

atr 1 a e1577187047515

Inspiration | 5 Interior Design Tips For a Contemporary Zen Style Home

The Asian­ inspired Zen interior design style focuses on creating peaceful energy and positive vibes for a happy home. This style has evolved from its the original culture­ specific Japaneseform to a more relaxed modern interpretation that has found a universal appeal. Fluidity is the hallmark of the contemporary Zen style — there are no …

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