We give you 6 tricks for a warm home this winter.

Winter is just around the corner! And it’s that time of the year where everyone’s fighting the chilly weather. Just as you prepare your wardrobe for winter –  by bringing out your over-sized coats, boots and, pashminas – it’s about time you use these ridiculously easy winter proofing hacks  to insulate your home.

Here are our top six tricks to free you from the harsh clutches of winter, and keep your home warm and cozy.

Warm Home #1: Bring out the Rugs

For a warm home, ensure you keep your floors covered with rugs and carpets.

Before you dream of snuggling on your couch wrapped in a woolen shawl with a thick pair of socks on your feet, and a book to read, remember to pay attention to your floor. Bring out your rugs and floor mats, and cover as much of the floor as you can.

The rugs and carpets act as an insulation, trapping the cold air beneath and keeping your home warm.  Also, this will ensure you don’t get chilly in case you forget to wear your socks.

Warm Home #2: Light Some Candles

Light some candles for a warm home - in temperature and style.

Having candles in the house not only adds personality to your decor but lighting them also keeps you warm. Candles are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors. So, go nuts and use them around your home and enjoy its scented warmth. You could go one step further, and place your candles on good-old candle holders to mark the beginning of the winter festivities.

Warm Home #3: Room Heaters

No one can survive the biting cold of the winter without their trusty heaters. Plug them anywhere  for a warm and cozy home at all times.

Warm Home #4: Window Treatments

Drapes are the best way to insulate and keep your home warm.

Curtains aren’t just a style statement, they actually have a functional role to play. Adding thick curtains, preferably in  darker shades can act as insulation by preventing cold air from seeping in. Make sure you opt for a double window treatment because dark drapes in wool, velvet, suede, fleece, tapestry or canvas are perfect for trapping heat inside, while a thinner layer in cotton on the outside would allow sunlight to stream in during the day.

Warm Home #5: Seal Cracks

This should be the first thing on your to-do list before winter kicks in. Cracks in your walls or gaps in your window are the biggest cause for dipping your room temperature. Ensure you get someone to fix the cracks so that the chilly weather stays out.

Warm Home #6: Ceiling Fans That Keep you Warm

Reverse the direction of your fan blades to ensure your room stays warm.

Yes, that’s right. Surprise, surprise, your ceiling fan can not only cool your home, but it can also keep it warm. Notice that typically your fan blades would be set to spin in the anticlockwise direction. This ensures the blades push cooler air below, allowing any warm air to move towards the ceiling.

During winter, call an electrician and have him change the settings, so that the blades rotate clockwise, pushing the lighter, warm air to move in a downward direction so that your room stays nice and cozy.

Also, you can cover the floors in your home with warm rugs to make your home feel cosier than ever! Check this out: Buying a Rug? Here’s What You Need to Know.

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