The timelessness of wood on white makes it the safest bet in your choice of interiors.

flat interiors bangalore

Who livs here: Padma Arjunan

Location: Salarpuria Greenage, Hosur Road, Bengaluru

Size: A 3BHK home spanning 1,385 sq.ft.

Design team: Interior designer Prithvi R N with Project Manager Shankar Nandi

Livspace service: Full Home Design

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

A spacious home with sunlight flooding the apartment from all corners is one of the reasons why Padma Arjunan fell in love with this apartment at Salarpuria Greenage. As a person who loves bright places, she asked Livspace designer, Prithvi RN, to keep the home as white as possible to retain its airy and spacious feel.

However, our designer knew white would amplify the light blinding its guests, so she chose to sober it down with warm brown and tan hues. The result was a stunning design with clean lines and a clutter-free home.

A Simple Welcome

flat interiors bangalore

The entryway was designed with a minimalist perspective and was fitted with a shoe rack which also doubles as a seater. The wooden tones add the much-needed punch to the appearance of the room which looks plain otherwise.

Lounge in Style

flat interiors bangalore

The whole design was done in detail from mirroring the plug points for space to concealing the wires with the panelling behind the TV. The bronze rims create an illusion of privacy without obscuring a view of the room.

However, the extravagant, oyster-like center table forms the center of attraction. With a natural stone to form a pearl, this enhances the charisma of the room.

flat interiors bangalore

Padma also took a fancy to the swivelling drop lights that fit the corner and creates an enchanting effect in the room.

Bangalore modular kitchen

Conversation Starters

flat interiors bangalore

While ochre shades adorn the dining room furniture, the guests are smitten with the white exposed brick wallpaper. Padma also sourced some Vietnamese paintings in order to do up this space.

Culinary Secrets

flat interiors bangalore

Padma preferred white for the kitchen as well and managed to source a granite to match the same. The slab was extended to form a breakfast counter near the dining room to serve and grab breakfast in a hurry. The lower cabinets have a Santana Oak finish while the upper modules feature a Mother of Pearl membrane.

flat interiors bangalore

The utility section was integrated into the kitchen to make it seamless and spacious. The move worked well with ample sunlight flooding the kitchen. However, to break the monotony and set the mood, various lighting options like spotlights, reflect lights, pendant lights, including Spencer lights in the cutlery tray were added. Handmade tiles account for an animated feel in the kitchen.

Bespoke Design

flat interiors bangalore

The master bedroom features an 18-feet lacquered glass wardrobe to fit in all her apparels and accessories. However, the room is still airy with just a bed and wall-mounted drawers for furniture. The addition of wooden flooring and the headboard panelling disrupt the blank look.

An Ethnic Touch

flat interiors bangalore

The parents’ preferred earthy and ethnic tones, much to the designer’s delight! She was able to play with colours and textures to give it a warm feel. Also, teak wood finishes add a traditional feel while absorbing the flood of light from the window.

A Rich Shade

flat interiors bangalore

The guest bedroom has a simple furniture with a walnut finish to add richness and the floral curtains add a spring-like feel to the room.

“Padma knew exactly what she wanted and I had to give it my best shot to meet her expectations. However, the process helped me explore my abilities as I experimented with new design details.”

— Prithvi R N, Livspace Designer

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