The heart of the home – the kitchen – has been abuzz with activity since the lockdown began. Kitchen experts at Livspace have studied how the usage of kitchen has changed and believe that this space will become more functional and organised in the coming months. They have put together some trends in the future kitchen design which hints towards more openness and a more conducive environment for prep work, cooking and storage. This article will tell you if your kitchen is equipped to handle the cooking needs of the future. And if it’s not, what changes you can make.

#1: Open kitchens with a dining island

Make space for people to gather around and enjoy a meal

“With IT companies announcing work from home for another year. Kitchen designs in the near future might include space for laptops too in future where people can attend a call while cooking. Kitchens with breakfast counters and seating will also trend as it will become a major family gathering space.”

– Kalyaani A, Business Manager at Livspace

The coronavirus pandemic has forced us to stay home and activities around the kitchen have increased. Keeping this in mind, and with compact living room sizes in cities, open plan kitchens are definitely here to stay. This concept integrates both cooking and socialising along with extended space for dining and storage. Overall, the trend is moving towards having less visual clutter in the kitchen to make it look like a more inviting place.

If you love Instagrammable kitchens, then we suggest you embrace the long island kitchen trend, wherein, you install an island equal in length with your kitchen counter on one side. Better still, go for two long islands on either side of your kitchen.

#2: Kitchen larder for more storage

Opt for a pantry unit to stock up on groceries

With the current situation, a lot of focus will be put on practical design with maximum storage. Larder units or pantry units can be openable, pull-out, or even sliding with a lot of shelves to house storage jars and dry goods. This also helps in keeping things organised while taking up a minimal amount of valuable space.

#3: Easy to clean surfaces

Invest in good, antimicrobial materials

Given the global situation, it is obvious that the trend is moving towards safer choices. Maintenance-free surfaces are usually made of stone, glass and laminate that are easy to clean. From stone countertops and laminate covered cabinets to using composite materials around the home is the solution. There are antimicrobial/antibacterial ceramics that are offered by many manufacturers in India for floors and walls.

We conducted a survey with close to 200 people, and around 67% of the respondents agreed to increase their budget towards safe and antibacterial material for the countertop and cabinets.

#4: Appliances that keep food fresh

Access your requirement and get the right appliances

Another major addition to the future kitchen design is definitely going to a second fridge, to make space for extra food. With most people cooking at home and cooking a wide variety of dishes, keeping them fresh will become primary. The Masterchef in you will also want to invest in a built-in microwave unit to bake those perfect cakes. After all, we all need a little sugar in our lives!

#5: Better internal storage within cabinets

Use kitchen accessories to make life easy

All of us are bulk buying at this time and we have all faced the trouble of overflowing cabinets and drawers. Internal accessories can solve this problem. Cabinet storage is going to become more streamlined and organised with the right kind of accessories, like D-trays, LeMans corner, pull-outs, blind units and so on. You can also look out for trays and other organisers for your drawers.

#6: Well-ventilated wicker baskets for fruits and vegetables

A must-have in Indian kitchens

While most of us might not understand the importance of wicker baskets, we must tell you that these are godsends. To keep your veggies fresh and handy, well-ventilated wicker baskets are a must. They can easily slide in and out do not take up a lot of space. Your future kitchen design will be better organised with this addition.

#7: Wine racks and wine fridges

Get the house party started!

Okay, let’s face it. All your favourite party spots are shut and your parties have moved indoors. Therefore, the home bar is going to gain popularity over the next few months. Invest in a good wine rack and mini-fridge to keep the party going. You can place these in your kitchen or just outside on your crockery unit.

We must say, be prepared for the new normal and make your kitchen and home a better place to live in. With these trends coming in, we now know what the future kitchen design looks like! Additionally, if you want to know what the future home design entails, read How is Coronavirus Changing Our Homes?

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