If you are a cat parent who also loves a beautiful home, we have just the perfect solution for all your catification problems.


If your cat won’t stop scratching your furniture and tearing out your couch, or is simply grouchy like Garfield, it’s probably because your home isn’t cat-tastic enough. For the uninitiated, ‘catifiy’ was coined by author and cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy, to describe the process of incorporating cat-friendly design elements to create a safe, stimulating home without compromising on style.

Read on to learn 5 simple, yet stylish ideas to make your little kitty feel more at home.

1. High Territory

Cat Shelves-cat-friendly

Cats love to perch, climb and survey their surroundings. So, give them the space to do it, and save your kitchen counter from cat fur. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be an obtrusive cat tower. There are tonnes of ways to create a cat tree that works well with the rest of your furniture. A vertical bookshelf or ladder bookshelf that goes all the way up would simply do the trick.

2. Kitty Shelves

Cat Walkway-cat-friendly
Source: Arch Daily

Stimulate your cat’s interest by building a walkway that’s off the ground using open shelves or perches along your walls. Be smart and include open beams, if any, into this kitty labyrinth. Even cat stairs are ideal and could add to your decor.

3. Scratchy Spot

Cat Scratching Post-cat-friendly
Source: Haus Panther

If you didn’t know by now that cats scratch to mark their territory, then you have a whole lot of other cat parenting lessons to learn. Watch their scratching pattern — is it your walls and furniture legs or along your rugs and carpets? If they yearn to sink their claws on a vertical surface, purchase a cat scratching post that doubles up as a funky artsy piece. If it’s horizontal surfaces, a scratch pad should do the trick. Remember to place these strategically, in places your feline friend usually hangs out in.

4. Cozy Hideout

Cat Basket-cat-friendly

Cats love boxes because they are safe places to hide and observe any probable threats. If the cat box throws off your carefully chosen decor, then opt for a cat nest, pod, cave or basket.

5. Window Watching

Cat By The Window-cat-friendly

Who doesn’t love to laze by the window? Cats particularly love to stare out of a window and watch the world go by. Prepare a cushy spot with a cat hammock, a hanging basket or a plain and simple cat bed.