Looking for interior design firms in Mumbai? This apartment designed by Livspace is GOALS!

Bright & colourful

Who livs here: Santosh Bangar with his wife Sneha, their son, parents and pet cat 

Location: Laxman Nivas, Malad West, Mumbai

Size of home: A 4BHK spanning 1,300 sq ft approx.

Design team: Interior Designer and Project Manager Atit Bharat Mistry

Livspace service: Full home design

Budget: ₹₹₹₹

What do you do when you have a child and a pet at home and you want them to run and jump around without fear? You get your home child and pet-proofed to perfection. This is exactly what Santosh and Sneha Bangar were looking for while planning the interiors for their new home.

While looking for interior design firms in Mumbai, they were amazed and impressed by the fact that Livspace gives smooth edges and finishes to suit the needs of every homeowner. They were very specific about getting rounded edges for every piece of furniture because they have a toddler and a pet cat.

Our designer, Atit Bharat Mistry made sure he gave them what they wanted and catered to every little need. He has designed this home keeping in mind that it has to be child and pet-friendly, yet has to look very neat. The couple loves bright colours and he has introduced the perfect balance of colours and neutrals at this 4BHK in Laxman Nivas. Read on to find out how things panned out.


Design Brief

A child and pet-friendly home that is filled with bright colours and space-efficient corners

What We Loved

The dash of colour in every room which makes the home look lively

Look Out for

— The laser-cut panel on the Ganpati console
— Space-saving TV unit and study table in the master bedroom
— Wooden panelling on the headboard wall in the parents’ bedroom

Biggest Indulgence

The walk-in wardrobes in the master bedroom

Smart Buy

Modular wardrobe in the parents’ bedroom and modular crockery unit

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Interior Design Firms in Mumbai: Contemporary Living

This family loves spending time together in the living room and they wanted a spacious setting here. Atit introduced a pop of colour with mustard accent chairs and balanced the look with a beige sofa. The TV unit is finished in laminate and as the couple wanted, it is an elaborate one complete with drawers and ample storage. Wooden back panel in the TV unit and recessed lights in the false ceiling complete the look.

Interior Design Firms in Mumbai: A Striking Console Unit

Where Ganesha will reside

The family celebrate Ganesha festival with much fervour and they were specific about having a dedicated place to keep their Ganpati idol during festivities. Atit designed this lovely backlit jaali panel for this console table that is the permanent residence for Ganesha at this 4BHK.

Interior Design Firms in Mumbai: Compact & Pretty Dining

For cosy meals

This dining room has so many striking features that we are totally loving it. We love how Atit has given flaming red dining chairs and thrown in a subtle beige bench. The bench creates visual partition between the living and dining area and makes for extra seating. He has also given them wooden panelling on the ceiling to further enhance the look.

Interior Design Firms in Mumbai: A Low-Maintenance Kitchen

This kitchen is a simple and semi-modular solution that is perfect for daily usage. Since the couple is working and the house helps use the kitchen, they wanted sturdy materials and easy-to-maintain finishes. Therefore, Atit gave them high-gloss laminate finish cabinets and basic modules like a magic corner and drawers. This kitchen looks simple but is high on functionality.


“We are extremely happy with the design and the way our home has turned out. We had approached Livspace with a specific mind-set and the renders were created quickly, based on our requirements. Atit was really good with his work and we would like to thank Vinita for her quick-thinking and ability to get the work done.”

-Santosh Bangar, Livspace Homeowner

Interior Design Firms in Mumbai: Bright & Cosy Master Bedroom

What is the most unique thing about this bedroom? The fact that there’s so much packed in such a compact space is commendable. From the bed to the side table, TV unit, study corner and even a walk-in wardrobe—this master bedroom has everything that one should have.

Atit has given the couple a nice turquoise blue headboard and matching texture paint on the TV unit wall. Exposed brick wallpaper was chosen for the accent wall and the most striking feature here is the mirrored-door entry to the walk-in wardrobe next to the television.

Interior Design Firms in Mumbai: Soothing Beige Parents’ Room

You can instantly tell this is the parents’ bedroom by the soothing colours used here. We love how beige and wooden tones marry to give this room a subtle look. Atit has also worked in lovely wooden panels on the wall behind the bed and created soft focus with track lights.

Separate dressers on either side of the bed look convenient, while a slightly storage-intensive TV unit takes care of extra things lying around the room. Functional swing door laminate wardrobes with lofts keep the room from looking heavy on the eyes and a compact study table adds a finishing touch.

Interior Design Firms in Mumbai: A Vibrant Kid’s Room

The little one at home has a very stylish bedroom to call his own. A sofa-cum-bed sits pretty against the fun printed wallpaper with wall ledges for display. He has plenty of room to goof around without running the risk of hurting himself. We love the colour combination used for the wardrobe as well. It gives an edge to the entire design of this bedroom.

Interior Design Firms in Mumbai: Zesty Entertainment Room

Designed especially for those match days when friends come unannounced, this entertainment room looks bright and chirpy. A red couch and a comfy accent chair are the highlights of this space, while the 3D panels on the accent wall enhance the look. Since the couple loves plants, Atit has given them a sleek wall display shelf where they can put up some fresh greens. Also, do not miss the compact pooja unit in the corner that is separated by a pretty jaali partition.

“It was fairly easy and interesting to work with Santosh and Sneha Bangar since they came with a firm idea in mind. They knew exactly what they wanted and I was given complete freedom to design around it. I kept every little detail in mind while designing their home.”

-Atit Bharat Mistry, Interior Designer, Livspace

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