Gurgaon interior design

Who livs here: Akanksha Singh and her husband Abhinav with their 10-year-old daughter Leher

Location: Ireo Uptown, Gurgaon

Size: 3 BHK spanning close to 1450 sq. ft.

Design team: Interior designer Kritika Goswamy Malik with project manager Amandeep Saluja

Livspace Service: Full Home Design


When working parents Akanksha and Abhinav set about getting their home designed with Livspace, they were very clear about what they wanted – a calm and collected space that’s equal parts snug and stylish.

And Livspace designer, Kritika Goswamy Malik, an expert at weaving stylish interiors with a fusion of elements, perfectly understood what they needed.

With warm notes running through every room, this charming space exudes unmistakable warmth while stylish add-ons lend quiet opulence to every corner. Keeping space saving in mind, Kritika decided to marry traditional and minimalist elements with contemporary design to create a home that’s not just pretty but practical as well.

Gurgaon interior design

Furnished in muted hues and eye-popping orange accents, this living room is all about relaxation and happy times.

For a family that enjoys long hours watching movies, the biscotti recliner sofas were just what they needed. Kritika chose a compact centre table with enough space underneath to store poufs which could be instantly pulled out and used as extra seating.

Cascading pendant lights add the perfect amount of grace and style, while the abstract painting and the geometric rug bring a splash of color to the living room.

Gurgaon interior design

The dining area styled in an unconventional blue and gold palette boasts unparalleled elegance.

Set amidst tasteful peanut toned walls, the six-seater dining table comes with a bench which can be easily moved to the living room to accommodate guests during large gatherings. The large wall clock boasts old-world charm while the shiny drum pendant lights up the space with panache for cozy get-togethers.

interior design livspace

Gurgaon interior design

Sleek, handle free sideboards complement the zen-styled dining chairs and are strategically placed to house essentials such as crockery

Gurgaon interior design

Gurgaon interior design

Breaking away from the monotony of the neutral toned spaces is Leher’s room that is cheerfully done up in happy bubblegum hues

Kritika added a trundle bed in Leher’s room so that there’s always room for playmates during sleepovers. Her study corner outfitted with an array of shelves and cabinets is positioned right next to the large window and receives plenty of natural light. Cutesy polka dots on the wallpaper on one side of the room complete the space.

Gurgaon interior design

The master bedroom layered in demure hues spells modern chic in the true sense of the word

Gurgaon interior design

A comfortable sofa, plenty of natural light and a pouf for leg rest –  Abhinav can now comfortably indulge in his love for reading in the master bedroom

The master bedroom is undoubtedly the winner among all other rooms in the house. The floral wallpaper beautifully goes with the pewter hued accent wall and nailhead trim headboard to create a pleasing vignette. The look is beautifully balanced with colorful art prints and matchy-matchy pouf and rug at the reading corner.

With a medley of colors and styles, Kritika effortlessly introduced timeless style and a balanced look for each room in the home, which the family will love for years to come.