Tranquil colours take over this 2BHK interior design in India

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Who livs here: Mr. & Mrs. Suhail Khalil with their son Maaz and his parents
Location: Evershine Cosmic , Andheri West, Mumbai
Size of home: 2BHK spanning 800 sq feet (carpet area)
Design team: Interior designer Ar. Sagar Sawant and Project Manager Usman Khan
Livspace service: Full home design interior except 1 bedroom and kitchen furnishing
Budget: ₹₹₹

Mumbai is a city that is starved for space; houses are small and people are perpetually clamouring for room. And yet, the fragrance of the sea makes everyone feel at home. The interior design for this 2BHK in India is rooted in the spirit of Mumbai because it draws inspiration from the sun, sand and the sea – the three things that define the city. Suhail Khalil and his family live in this gorgeous home that is doused in coastal colours and furnished with contemporary designs.

Take a tour to see how this cozy 2BHK’s interior design in India has imbibed the freshness of the sea breeze.

B for Blue and Beige
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Suhail has a soft spot for the colour blue as he believes it to be his lucky colour. And, beige complements blue like sand complements the sea. Hence, he insisted on a blue and beige colour scheme for his new home.

Designer Sagar Sawant drew inspiration from the aqua blue and whitewashed houses in Greek coastal villages. The result is a contemporary home with clean straight lines that has a lingering flavour of sandy shores.

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The living room has a breezy yet neat vibe. It comprises an aqua blue L-shaped sofa and an upholstered accent chair with floral motifs. The solid wood coffee table adds a touch of old-school elegance to the space. Furthermore, the walls are wrapped in metallic beige wallpaper, complemented by the warm sandy tone of the floor.

A special feature of this home is the use of tiles that mimic the bookmark pattern of Italian marble. Here’s an interesting fact: As these tiles come in dimensions of 5ft x 3ft (much larger than the usual 2ft x 2ft), they actually resemble Italian marble quite closely. This could help you reduce cost without compromising on aesthetics.

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The entertainment unit is sleek and minimal in terms of design. You will also notice the delightful blue wallpaper that accentuates the white laminate used in the base of the entertainment unit. The designer also picked out a warm woody shade of laminate for the console table next to the TV to maintain colour balance. Therefore, this forms a sleek and neat nook in the room.

2bhk interior design india_living 5

As the underlying design philosophy for this house is contemporary, the designer has steered clear of ornamentation. However, he has played with textures to keep things intriguing in this 2BHK interior design in India. 

The white-coloured exposed brick wall in the dining area with a blue faux window on it fits the bill for a textured design statement. This nook has a crockery cabinet in walnut laminate finish highlighted by a pair of pendant lights.

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The Aztec Aura
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The master bedroom stands out for its Aztec print wallpaper with various gradients of blue. The neatness of the white PU bed and side tables stand in contrast to the patterned wall.

2bhk interior design india_bedroom 3

They also assimilated the flowerbed that was outside this room to make the room more spacious. And to tackle the difference in ceiling height, the designer has used false ceiling that blends in, which we find innovative. A seating ledge by the window makes it a perfect spot for reading.

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The television unit and workstation have been topped off with sleek white laminate. The ensemble is accented by a panel of leather-textured beige laminate.

The family opted for sliding wardrobes that are custom-made with the same leather-textured laminate with a strip of denim-textured laminate in the middle which makes it chic. The handles and profiles have rose gold finish for a touch of understated glamour. Additionally, there is a walk-in-closet cum dressing area in one of the corners.

Spa-esque Bathrooms
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This home boasts of luxurious spa-like bathrooms with conveniently designated wet and dry areas. The bathroom attached to the master bedroom has warm woody flooring with a combination of walls that have Italian marble-esque tiles.

Carved out of Cecilia marble, the wash basin adds an exotic touch to the plush settings. Our designer also provided the vanity counter with profile lighting around the mirror for that added effect. Lovely, isn’t it?

2bhk interior design india_bathroom 4

The shower area in the bathroom also stands out for the use of mosaic tiles in a niche that serves as a ledge to store toiletries, which we love!

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The common bathroom has a larger countertop area than the master bathroom as well as a wall-to-wall mirror. In addition, it has a deep wine-coloured granite counter, which contrasts with the white basin. Take a look at the gorgeous Italian marble-like tiles that adorn the floors of this bathroom. Since this bathroom is attached to the living room, these tiles maintain continuity in design. 

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“Mr Suhail Khalil was nothing short of a model client as he was very approachable and cooperative. Whenever we required any approval for the selection of designs, materials, or anything else for that matter, he would respond quickly. His responsiveness helped us deliver the project in a record time of 55 days.”
– Ar. Sagar Sawant, Interior Designer, Livspace

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