Simple bedroom interior design for this home in Chennai that looks very soothing. With simple walls and a glossy TV unit, this bedroom is a perfect haven for relaxation. Do not miss the bathroom renovation too!

simple-bedroom-interior-design-bedroom-wooden bed
A low-height wooden bed for comfort

Who Livs here: Naveen with his wife Subhashri Manav

Location: Kalaimagal Nagar, Ekkatuthangal, Chennai

Size of home: A 4BHK spanning 3,000 sq ft approx.

Design team: Interior Designer Deepa Srinivasan and Project Manager Ashok K

Livspace service: Bedroom and bathroom design

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

It is always exciting to get your home renovated when you have a purpose in mind. Case in point here – a wedding. When Naveen got engaged to Subhashree he decided to give themselves a brand new room. While scouring for interior designers in the city, he chanced upon Livspace and decided to give us a shot. Residing in a quaint neighbourhood of Chennai, this home is spread across 3,000 sq ft and we got the chance to renovate a part of it for the soon-to-be-married couple.

Designer Deepa Srinivasan took on the responsibility of giving this room a complete overhaul. She received a clear brief from Naveen that they did not want any loud colours in their bedroom. So she knew that the colour scheme had to be subtle. Moreover, earlier this space was being used as a casual living room by the family. Deepa had to completely demolish it and design the bedroom from scratch. Read on to see how she managed to do it.


This bedroom is quintessentially simple with fuss-free interiors

Cove lighting seeping through the false ceiling
A glossy laminate panel to cover up scars

This is what the homeowners have to say

“The very first impression of a good interior designer is that happy face that tells you that they can do it! We were fed up with other designers telling us that they need a certain amount on wood work alone since we were looking for bedroom and bathroom design only. With Livspace we felt very comfortable because they did not have any such demands. Our designer Deepa Srinivasan was flawless. Starting from the selection of paint colours to laminate fixtures and tile selection, she helped us with everything. Every single piece of furniture is of excellent quality. We love the way Livspace handled our home.”

– Subhashri Manav, Livspace Homeowner

We put in a TV unit too

Wall ledges to place speakers & PS
Glossy marble finish laminate for the TV unit

While we have already told you that this space was being used as a casual living room, you must be wondering how it looks like this now. Well, in conversation, Deepa revealed that it was quite a challenge to envision this space. Since she had to break the entire thing down and turn it into a bedroom, everything from electrical points to lights had to be reworked.

With that in place, she decided to give them a soothing beige and brown colour scheme for this simple bedroom interior design. Understanding the tastes of the homeowners is of prime importance for any designer to churn out great designs. That is exactly what Deepa did. She suggested a wooden bed with matching side tables and simple beige walls.

Something that Naveen insisted on was for the TV unit to be fully equipped with shelves and storage for his PS. Therefore, Deepa added a marble finish laminate to the TV unit and gave them drawers and wall ledges for storage. Also, she added cove lighting in the false ceiling for that ambient lighting effect.

We combined two bathrooms into one and planned the layout well

Highlighter tiles add an interesting touch to the bathroom
Extra ledge created in the wall for knick-knacks & decor
A sleek table-mounted sink
A glass door separating the shower area

Another demolition that had to be done here was that of the bathroom. Earlier two separate bathrooms were relatively smaller in size. Since this space had turned into a bathroom, it was natural to design a spacious bathroom to go with it. Therefore, Deepa broke down the wall in between and combined the two bathrooms into one. The tiles were handpicked by them and she added a strip of it as a highlighter outside the shower cubicle. This is a complete granite bathroom and steals its colour from the simple bedroom interior design.

“It was a delightful project to work on. Since I got the pulse of the homeowners, it was simple for me to give them designs that they would like. We made decisions quickly and I was able to customise this entire bedroom and bathroom for them seamlessly. In the end we did end up becoming friends and that’s the beauty of it. Though there were a lot of civil changes in this one, I did not compromise on the design at all!”

– Deepa Srinivasan, Interior Designer, Livspace

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