Studio apartments should take inspiration from this!

Studio apartments_rust wall living room

Who livs here: Rajesh Jha with his wife Anu and two kids

Location: Spring Grove Uno, Kandivali East, Mumbai

Size of home: A studio apartment spanning 280 sq ft approx.

Design team: Interior Designer and Quality Manager Sakshi Shetty

Livspace service: Full home design

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

Studio apartments might be the most underrated places for great interiors, but once you take a look at this home, you will gain new respect for interior design. Nestled in bustling Kandivali, this cozy apartment was screaming for a makeover. Rajesh, a tax consultant, with his wife Anu, finally decided to redesign their abode. Their only requirement was to have enough space to move around comfortably.

What designer Sakshi Shetty, did to their home is nothing short of magic! Her determination to transform the space and give the family a home to boast about has shown through her design solutions. She is someone who would never compromise on aesthetics just to make the space functional. Tour through this home to see what transformation looks like.

The Transformation
Studio apartments_before after study
Studio apartments_before after kitchen
A Ravishing Living Room
Studio apartments_living room

When you step into this 280 sq ft studio apartment in Andheri, you are bound to be pleasantly surprised. This home packs a lot more than you can imagine. For instance, the living room is a multi-purpose space where the couple entertain and work. The ash-hued sofa-cum-bed is an ideal space saving piece of furniture for a compact home. While the wooden flooring and furniture make this space feel warm, the rust-coloured wall offsets the neutral vibe of this room.

Studio apartments_study area

Rajesh is a Chartered Accountant by profession and often works from home with his colleagues. This surely calls for a setting where they can work comfortably. This living room features a workstation, complete with desktops and cabinets for storing innumerable files. The small wall mounted pooja unit finds its perfect spot beside the work zone. The lovely dark walnut finish again offsets the light flooring impeccably.

Studio apartments_infobox
A Compact Kitchen
Studio apartments_kitchen full view
Studio apartments_kitchen closeup

Who says that small spaces cannot look pretty? This kitchen will make you sit up and take note. The couple mentioned clearly to Sakshi that they do not want their kitchen to be open at all times and she gave them the best solution. Aesthetics did not take a back seat here, with white and ash glossy cabinets and Moroccan tiles that add a dash of colour and pattern. The couple wanted solid cabinets with one glass shutter to display some cutlery. A quartz countertop makes sure that this is a low maintenance kitchen.

Studio apartments_textbox
A Stylish Bedroom
Studio apartments_bedroom wardrobe view
Studio apartments_bedroom bed wall-design
Studio apartments_bedroom tv unit

The couple was very sure that they do not want a boring bedroom because of space constraints. So Sakshi presented them this wonderful illusion 3D wallpaper that makes the space look stylish. A sliding wardrobe with a mirrored shutter fits right in, while a pretty back-lit TV unit also find space in this compact room. The wooden bed adds more warmth to this space.

Studio apartments_quotebox

“When I entered this home, I was determined to give it a makeover like no other and make it look like a whole new space. The clients were very understanding and they trusted me completely with their home. I learnt how to design a compact space in a way that it looks good and has everything that a spacious home should have. This is my first project with Livspace and I enjoyed working on this one!”

– Sakshi Shetty, Interior Designer, Livspace

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