Style and function rank high at the luxury Cleo County apartment interiors in Noida.


Who livs here: Ankit Aggarwal with his wife Shubham and child

Location: Cleo County, Noida

Size: 3 BHK spanning 1,700 sq ft approx.

Design team: Interior Designer Manpreet Kaur with Project Manager Sandeep Jain

Livspace service: Full home design

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

A stunning apartment with breathtaking views outside, Cleo County in Noida, is a dream home! When Ankit Aggarwal and his wife Shubham invested in the flat, the only thing it lacked was beautiful interiors to match the exteriors. They were expecting their first child and wanted to move in before the arrival of the new member.

Thus, they got to work and penned down their requirements — from inspiring designs to what functional aspects that suited them. When they met Livspace interior designer Manpreet Kaur, they handed over this detailed document. The extensive prep work done by the couple certainly made the designer’s work a lot simpler and work began in full swing!

Another aspect they put care into is baby-proofing the apartment, but without compromising on aesthetics. As a result, the home looks beautiful with vibrant pops of colours, a mix of graceful and warm finishes, rich textures and well-lit spaces.

Cobalt Serenity


The living room welcomes you with a pop of cobalt blue paired with rich wooden tones. The furnishings and other elements have been picked to balance these tones and add a comfortable aura to the room. To make the seating arrangement seamless, wooden rafters have been used as a partition.

A Glassy Affair


Shubham wanted to retain the dining set — a gift from her grandmother. So it only made sense to pick out storage, decor and lighting elements to complement the furniture. The glass panel on the wall and the false ceiling with a wallpaper resembling wooden textures are the highlights of the room.

Ode to Aperitif Hour


A stunning bar area like this with a serving counter is quick to grab your attention. While the storage is in an all-wood finish, the onyx backlit counter and blue bar chairs add an oomph factor to the space. Tiles resembling a stone-finish wrap up the look quite beautifully. 

Green Corners


The balcony space is done up minimally with just wooden flooring and green turf. An existing wall hanging of wooden corks finds its place on the adjacent wall. We’re sure the ambience is perfect to enjoy a cup of tea or grab a drink!


Warm Vibes



The master bedroom has an elegant outlook with wooden textures and leatherette finishes taking centre stage. Paired with the right lighting and false ceiling designs, the room offers a luxurious retreat after a tiring day. The bed frame has been upholstered to make it safe for the little one. The same leatherette material is used as a headboard to bring in a design flow. Two full-length mirrors flank both sides of the bed, adding to the room’s elegance.

Under the Clouds


The kid’s room is a gorgeous space with an amazing false ceiling design of clouds! As their child is still young, this room serves mostly as a play area with minimal furniture and storage.

Drawers and the City


A beautiful wallpaper with building prints adorns the opposite wall which brings together the whole look. A simple storage unit sits beside the wall to organise knick-knacks.

Floral Dreams



The guest bedroom has a gorgeous design with plenty of white-finished surfaces. The floral wallpaper with backlit panelling adds a graceful charm to the room. We love how calm and composed this room looks. Guests will surely feel welcome in this space.

Lighting is also a key factor in making the room appear so serene! From charming silver pendant lights to the stunning recessed lights in the false ceiling, every element contributes to making the design look extra special.

“The couple was very clear on what they wanted and were quick in their decision making. Ankit shared a draft of their requirements in a sheet which made the design process easy.”

– Manpreet Kaur, Interior Designer, Livspace

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