You will fall in love with the wooden warmth of this Ardee City home.

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Warm wooden notes

Who livs here: Nikunj Murgai with his wife Neha and their daughter

Location: Palm Grove Heights, Ardee City, Gurgaon, 

Size of home: 3BHK spanning 2500 sq ft

Design team: Interior Designer Parul Battu  and Project Manager Anuj Sharma

Livspace service: Full home design 

Budget: ₹₹₹₹

The Murgais had recently shifted to an apartment in Ardee City, and they wanted to convert this space into their family home. However, a challenge existed – as the house was quite old, it was not constructed in accordance with contemporary layouts. An extensive amount of civil changes were necessary to turn this house into their dream home. And who should come to their rescue but the best firm for home interiors Gurgaon, Livspace?

Designer Parul Battu took on the challenge of converting the existing structure into an open, light and airy home. And the results are gorgeous! Take a tour with us!

A Buddha-themed Entryway in Ardee City

The Murgais wanted a simple yet elegant foyer. Since they wanted a small seating space in the area, Parul provided one that doubles up as a storage unit. The image of the meditating Buddha on the wallpaper sets a serene tone for the entire home. Warm-coloured veneer covers the doors, while the beige-coloured walls continue through the home. 

While keeping the foyer simple, Parul has added a twist to the space! If you look up, you will catch a glimpse of a wooden jaali with geometrical patterns. This ceiling detail is perfect for homes with low ceilings!

An Airy Living Room in Ardee City

Continuing the colour scheme from the foyer, a soft shade of beige covers the living room. The sofas in this space match the walls, while the curtains create a slight contrast. The sofas and centre table from the Livspace catalogue blend seamlessly into the room. The overall impression is that of a living room that looks cosy and inviting. 

The custom entertainment unit in this home is a mix of warm brown and white, in keeping with the Murgais’ desire for muted and natural colours. The unit provides a mix of open display shelves and closed cabinets, ensuring that the family’s storage requirements do not take a back seat. A chic chandelier in the living room glows softly as conversations flow in this room.

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“Parul was almost as attentive about our home interiors as she would have been with designing her own home. The Livspace team operated seamlessly in bringing our home together, and we did not have to look into anything until the very end!”
Nikunj Murgai, Livspace Homeowner

A Dining Room Filled With Wooden Furniture in Ardee City

The dining room in soft beige stands out with a floral wallpaper. A six-seater table takes centre space, but the wooden units on opposite sides of the room cannot be ignored. You can see a wooden crockery unit against one wall while a bar unit with a glass panel leans against the other wall.

A Kitchen That’s Easy to Maintain in Ardee City

Since Neha and Nikunj are a working couple, they wanted a fuss-free, easy-to-maintain kitchen. Their wish was granted in the form of this gorgeous kitchen that was rebuilt from scratch.

In keeping with the muted colour scheme of the home, the kitchen was furnished in white and brown. Parul also provided an additional chest of drawers in a corner of the kitchen, atop which the microwave could be accommodated. The base units have warm wooden laminate finish. On the other hand, the wall cabinets have a combination of white laminate and frosted glass shutters. A tiled backsplash adds a dash of colour to this space, while a granite countertop ties the place together.

Beige & Beautiful Master Bedroom in Ardee City

In keeping with the rest of the house, the bedroom’s beige and brown colour scheme make the room look calm and peaceful. Nikunj and Neha wanted a soft headboard, so Parul designed one for them that blends effortlessly into the bedroom. Two identical mirror units coupled with bedside tables stand on either side of the bed.

In order to make the room look large and spacious, much of it has been left bare and uncluttered. A compact TV unit fits into the bedroom, while a wooden jaali on the ceiling adds an interesting detail without taking up space. The divan by the side of the window makes for a snug place for coffee and conversation. At the same time, the low-hanging pendant lights on either side of the bed sets the mood for pillow talk.

An Attached Bathroom and Dresser in Ardee City

The couple decided to forego having a wardrobe in the bedroom in favour of more space. So Parul designed the dresser adjacent to the bathroom to hold the custom-made white walk-in wardrobe. 

Stepping across the dresser, you can walk into the bathroom. This bathroom has been designed for easy maintenance, with tiled walls and a clutter-free look. The glass shower panel adds a touch of elegance to it.

Pink & Pretty Kids Room in Ardee City

Unlike the rest of the house that has been furnished in predominantly neutral tones, Parul wanted the daughter’s bedroom to have a soothing colour scheme that she could grow with. This is how she came up with a room that combined pastel pink, grey and white. In addition to a regular bed, Parul has provided a daybed that ties in with an inverted L-shaped unit for toys.

How would a growing child’s room be complete without a study unit? With this in mind, Parul suggested a white and pink study unit from the Livspace catalogue. The unit provides ample space to store her books and supplies. In addition, it has open shelves to show off toys and accessories. 

On seeing an opportune niche in the bedroom, Parul suggested that a wardrobe from the Livspace catalogue be placed into the space. The wardrobe matches the wooden flooring of the room to perfection!

A Study-cum-Guest Bedroom

This bedroom has been designed in a manner that allows the Murgais to accommodate guests. A blue-grey sofa bed stands against a wall with an exposed brick wall in shades of grey. The wardrobe and lofts in the corner allows the family to store additional belongings safely.

Since Nikunj often needs to work remotely, he wanted a dedicated study unit where he could work undisturbed. So Parul designed a custom-made study unit in this bedroom. A warm wooden study table sets the mood for work. The unit faces the window, allowing ample natural light into the bedroom. 

This unit has been customised to fulfil several requirements. The study table accommodates a bookshelf in the corner and extends into a pooja unit with doors, and is completed by a sleek entertainment unit. In keeping with the warm wooden notes in the room, Parul also suggested wooden rafters for the ceiling in this room.

A Classy Bath for the Guest Room

The bathroom attached to the guest bedroom was simply designed for easy maintenance. Tiles on the walls prevent water from seeping in. The shower unit in this bathroom has a half panel of glass, separating it from the other sections of the bathroom.

“The Murgais were insistent on a home that required minimal maintenance and did not use jazzy elements. They were open to ideas and easy to work with, making the process of designing their home a breeze!”

– Parul Battu, Interior Designer, Livspace

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