Good design is all about addressing a need. So when we break up a large living room into two: one for entertaining and the other for family time, we are doing just that. We also have a weakness for renovations because it offers the opportunity to shape something new and also retain what is already great. Then there is the timeless glamour of elegant woodwork to draw our fancy. Our favourite #LivspaceHomes this month are a smattering of all this and more. 

All #LivspaceHomes have something special in them. And our readers are partial to a few in particular. Beautiful home images coming right up!

Top Livspace Homes #1: Two Living Rooms, Two Styles
beautiful home images-blue wallpaper-gold designs
Gloriously formal living room ideal for entertaining guests
beautiful home images-coffee table-wall panel
Cosy and casual living room for quality time with family 

This luxurious Noida home was a one of a kind project for us, here at Livspace. We designed a home with two living rooms and had the freedom to design them in two different styles. The family is big on hosting relatives and guests. The formal living room was designed with a modern design and touch of grandeur. With ample seating for a large gathering, this spacious living room is perfect for every occasion.  On the other hand, they wanted a nook for quality time with loved ones. The informal living room is snug with plenty of seating around the coffee table for fun conversations. 

See the full home here

Top Livspace Homes #2: Pawsome Abode
A pop of a blue in a muted setting
This plush dining room can accommodate up to eight people 

Fresh and soothing, it’s no wonder this 1,400 Mumbai home stole quite a few hearts! Done up in a muted palette, this Oberoi Esquire flat has ample seating to host friends and family. We love how the home is dressed with pops of blue. Watch out for the grey accent wall in the dining room and the massive bookshelf in the guest bedroom. 

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Top Livspace Homes #3: Simple & Stunning
beautiful home images-living room-magenta sofa-tripod lamp-exposed brick wall
The only pop element in this room is this magenta sofa
beautiful home images-bedroom-bed bench-wooden flooring-nailhead trim headboard
Blinds instead of curtains can change the way a room looks

This home in Mumbai is the best example of how to utilise each corner at home, without compromising on the design. The clients wanted simple interiors but with a dash of colour here and there. You can see splashes of it on the couch and the bench. This home wins brownie points for being minimal and stylish at the same time.

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Top Livspace Homes #4: Elegance in Wood
beautiful home images-kitchen-wooden cabinets-profile shutters
Wooden finish cabinets give your kitchen a classic finish
beautiful home images-bedroom-laminate wardrobes-wooden chest of drawers-floral wallpaper
 Lovely wooden finishes fill this bedroom with warmth

We love designing homes in Hyderabad, for the sheer reason that the people here love simplicity and elegance. In this home, we designed the kitchen and wardrobes for our clients and it’s all about wooden tones. From the embossed shutters in the kitchen to the wooden finish wardrobes in the bedroom, this home is your dose of timber.

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Top Livspace Homes #5: Big Home Makeover for a Big Happy Family 
Before and after of the living room
The master bedroom in blissful neutral tones 

Who wouldn’t love a mammoth makeover? From the ceiling to the flooring, and everything in between, this 1,750 sq ft home has been completely revamped. And the end result is simply gorgeous! The 15-year-old home now features an updated glossy kitchen, swanky modular storage and elegant false ceiling throughout. 

See the full home here

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