We filled this home in Accurate Wind Chimes with warm wood!

Warm finishes fill up this home

Who livs here: Fareed with his wife Zinher A Saikia, their son and his parents 

Location: Accurate Wind Chimes, Narsingi Circle, Hyderabad

Size of home: A 3BHK spanning 1,655 sq ft approx.

Design team: Interior Designer Beena Kumari and Project Manager Siju Cherian

Livspace service: Kitchen & Wardrobe Design

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

Not all homes need a complete overhaul when it comes to interior designing. For our clients, Fareed and Zinher, residing at Accurate Wind Chimes in Hyderabad, it was just about getting modular solutions for their home. They already had their set of loose furniture and they wanted their new home interiors to match with it. Their requirement was simple — wooden textures in the kitchen and wardrobes.

After a brief search online, they zeroed in on Livspace and decided to engage us for their home interiors. They met designer Beena Kumari and discussed their needs with her in detail. Once you enter this spacious 3BHK, you will notice that the home has a welcoming vibe, thanks to the abundant use of warm wooden finishes. We especially love the embossed profile shutters in the kitchen that bring out the beauty of these membrane finish cabinets.Read on to see how the designer used her magic to transform this space.

accurate-wind-chimes-infobox-client brief
Classic Wooden Kitchen at Accurate Wind Chimes
Embossed profile shutters for that vintage punch
Laminate finish
Printed backsplash
Perfectly spaced-out kitchen

Kitchens are a personal space as far as any family is concerned and this home is no exception. The couple wanted a fully wooden-feel kitchen and Beena came up with an excellent idea. She gave them embossed profile shutters here that give the space a nice, vintage touch. This is a power-packed kitchen, with tandem drawers, bottle pull-outs, cutlery units and so on. A jet black granite countertop makes sure that there are no visible spots and stains. For ease of use, Beena has given specific open shelves for appliances as well.

Gorgeous Master Bedroom at Accurate Wind Chimes
A spec of green in a warm wooden bedroom
A reader’s corner
Simple white walls

I am very happy with the quality of products installed by Livspace. We appreciate their timely delivery and we would like to thank Sachin, the Operations head, who was very prompt and supportive throughout the process. Beena, our designer has been very accommodating and gave us excellent designs. We are very happy with our new home!

-Zinher A Saikia, Livspace Homeowner

A well-lit passage
Laminate finish sliding wardrobes

So many striking features in one bedroom, we are in awe! Since the couple already had a bed and a chest of drawers, they wanted the wardrobes to complement the rest of the furniture. Therefore, Beena suggested they go for stylish sliding door wardrobes with lofts that take care of storage. She also highlighted one wall with a pretty floral wallpaper that acts as the perfect accent feature here.

Do not miss the cosy “me” corner that Beena created for Zinher in their bedroom. She loves reading and wanted her own zone in the comfort of her room. Beena placed a plush blue accent chair next to the wardrobes and kept a floor lamp next to it. We can totally imagine a bibliophile getting lost in their books here.

Simple Parents’ Bedroom at Accurate Wind Chimes
A simple and functional bedroom
A sofa-cum-bed
Light laminate wardrobe with lofts

Fareed’s parents wanted a rather simple room and all Beena had to do was give them wooden finish wardrobes in here. But, functionality won over style, and she gave them swing door wardrobes with lofts, that are easy to use.

Playful Kid’s Bedroom at Accurate Wind Chimes
The kid who owns this room is on cloud nine!
A playful kid in his playful room
Enough floor space for fun
Wardrobes with lofts

The naughty kid at home has the brightest room to himself. The same wardrobe finishes from his grandparents’ room are replicated here, to make it a hassle-free experience for him. He loves playing with his stuffed toys and building blocks, with an aeroplane-theme wallpaper in the backdrop.

“My clients were very easy to work with since they already had loose furniture in place and I just had to match the look with it. The designing and decision-making phase was closed quickly and there were no hiccups during the process. I enjoyed working on this project.”

-Beena Kumari, Interior Designer, Livspace

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