Finding the right balance of style and functionality between your wardrobe and the rest of your bedroom furniture can be tricky. Here’s how you to choose bedroom wardrobe in 4 easy steps:

We have all lusted after spacious and fashionably designed wardrobes of stylists and celebrities. Before you draw inspiration from their wardrobes and get your own, you will need to understand your preferences. There are many kinds of wardrobes catering to specific requirements of each individual.

Choosing bedroom wardrobe factor #1: Type
how to choose bedroom wardrobe

One of the first decisions you will have to make is to choose between a free standing wardrobe and a built-in wardrobe. Free standing wardrobes can be conveniently transported to another room or to a new home when you choose.

The alternative is to opt for your own custom built wardrobe. While built-in wardrobes are not portable and will take the time to design and build, they also give you the freedom to customise the size, materials, colors, finishes and storage accessories according to your preferences.

Choosing bedroom wardrobe factor #2: Measurements how to choose bedroom wardrobe

Check the size of the floor space available and the height of the ceiling before you buy your wardrobe. You will also need to check the height of the clothing rod as well. For blouses, skirts and pants, a  height of 45 inches would usually suffice while children’s clothes can be placed at a height of 30 inches approximately.

Deeper shelves are also advisable since they provide more storage. But make sure that the total measurement is not more than 15 inches because your apparel should be accessible. And of course, do not let the wardrobe block any source of lighting in the bedroom.

Maintain adequate space between the rest of your bedroom furniture and the wardrobe for easy movement and operation.

Choosing bedroom wardrobe factor #3: Style how to choose bedroom wardrobe

Match the style of the wardrobe with the existing theme of your interiors and all your bedroom furniture. This includes the type of finishes, colors and detailing  on the door.

Opt for a wardrobe with decorative doors if your bedroom has ornate interiors. For a clean, minimalist look, you can even opt for a stylish open wardrobe without doors.

The same goes for the colors and finishes on your wardrobe – pick hues that blend well with the existing palette of your room. Ensure that the  design aesthetics of both your wardrobe and your bedroom compliment each other for visual harmony.

Choosing bedroom wardrobe factor #4: Storage 
how to choose bedroom wardrobe

Decide on the kind of storage you need for your clothing collection. Suppose your wardrobe consists primarily of dresses and formal wear, make sure you have sufficient hanging space.

For those of you whose wardrobe is dominated by tons of accessories, it is best to opt for multiple drawers. That way, you can organize different kinds of accessories in each drawer.

Check out wardrobe designs:

Getting a new wardrobe does not necessarily have to burn a hole in your pocket. There are a variety of options available in the market to suit different budgets. So remember these important factors in mind before you choose your bedroom wardrobe so you get the best!