If you’re looking to maximise the storage space in your bedroom cupboards, you might want to choose between a freestanding cupboards or a fitted one. Fitted wardrobes are customised storages that are built in to the wall and form a seamless part of your wall design. On the other hand, freestanding ones are portable and support their own weight, allowing you to move them around based on your decor needs.

Each of these bedroom cupboard designs suit certain lifestyles or homes better than the other. In this article, we’ll walk you through the pros and cons of both, and illustrate situations where one is better than the other.

Free standing Bedroom Cupboards
You can take free standing wardrobes with you when you move
Advantages of Free Standing Bedroom Cupboards #1: Mobility

If you are someone who frequently switches up your room’s style or regularly on the move, then freestanding cupboard designs are the one for you. They are easy to move around and you will not see many multiple nail holes on the wall.

Advantages of Free Standing Bedroom Cupboards #2: Flexible Design

Consider free standing bedroom cupboard designs if you want a uniform wood colour in your room. As they tend to be part of a set, they are easier to match with other pieces of furniture, and can be expanded at a moment’s notice.

Free standing wardrobes come with a flexible design
Disadvantages of Free Standing Bedroom Cupboards #1: Wasted Space

Often, freestanding wardrobes only cover 3/4th the height of a standard room . They don’t sit flush to the wall either. In a small bedroom, this could mean wasted space and lesser storage than is optimal.

Disadvantages of Free Standing Bedroom Cupboards #2: Standard Sizes

Store-bought free standing wardrobes typically come in limited sizes. The perfect size for the space in your room may be harder to find and the good ones are usually not budget-friendly.

Built-in Bedroom Cupboards
Built-in wardrobes fit any space beautifully
Advantages of Built-in Bedroom Cupboards #1: Highly Customisable

Opt for custom built-in storage that best compliments your design for a cohesive look. There are a wide range of materials, finishes and bedroom cupboard designs that will suit your space.

Advantages of Built-in Bedroom Cupboards #2: Functional Spaces

Consider custom, built-in cupboards to turn an awkward corner or a spot under a sloped roof, into a functional and beautiful space.

Advantages of Built-in Bedroom Cupboards #3: Vertical Advantage

In small rooms, a built-in cupboard can help you make the most of the vertical space on your walls. You can also install custom storage for neckties, jewellery, scarves, belts, watches, cufflinks and maybe even a bicycle or skateboard!

Built-in wardrobes can be customised to the T
Disadvantages of Built-in Bedroom Cupboards #1: Immovable

Often, built-in bedroom cupboard designs are bulky and fitted. They are not easy to move around. And even if you could, they might not fit quite as perfectly in other places in your home as they are custom for a particular spot.

Disadvantages of Built-in Bedroom Cupboards #2: Longer Delivery

Built-in bedroom cupboard designs are crafted with specific material and skilled workmanship. You cannot pick them off the shelf for immediate delivery. Prepare yourself to wait a few days for personalisation of these wardrobes for you.

Do you feel like you have a better understanding of these two types of bedroom cupboards now? Take a look at your bedroom and try to figure out which of the bedroom cupboard designs would work best for you!

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