Ever so often we find ourselves admiring interiors in designer magazines and if you look closely, you’ll notice that different types of lighting play a major role in shaping the look.

Every room serves different purposes. For example, the bedroom is a place to relax and unwind while the kitchen is a place to cook up storms with perfection. This is where lighting plays a pivotal role in creating a balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Read on to find out about the basic types of lighting and how you can layer them to strike the right chords:

Type of lighting #1: Ambient lighting

types of lighting

A brightly lit up room looks inviting and refreshing in every possible way! Ambient lights are responsible for the overall lighting in any room. Ambient lights are general lights that make movement in and around things easier. Chandeliers, wall mounted fixtures, table lamps and so on are the kind of fixtures that provide ambient lighting.

Type of lighting #2: Task lighting

types of lighting

Task lights, as the name suggests, facilitate specific tasks in a space. It creates a small focal point for activities like reading, sewing, watching a screen and so on. For a more congenial set up it is best to avoid very harsh lighting. Kinds of fixtures that provide task lighting are pendant lights and directional recessed lights.

Type of lighting #3: Accent lighting

types of lighting

Accent lighting is a type of lighting that is used to create a desired ambience in a room. It is used to create focus on specific things. Also, it gives the impression of a larger space when used in confined corners. It is usually used to emphasise architectural features and to call attention towards a collection of objects. Accent lights include track lights, wall mounted fixtures and down lights.

types of lighting

When it comes to using different types of lighting in a single room one should proceed with caution. It is very easy to get carried away and overdo the lights thus resulting in a huge mess! These easy tips will help you achieve the perfectly lit room in your home:

  • While creating a look with ambient lighting, try using a series of track lights that aren’t too harsh for the room. Track lights work well with almost all types of ceilings. Just be careful not to over light the room with track lights.
  • Chandeliers work fantastic with high ceilings and wall lights. Light up your living rooms and dining rooms with charming chandeliers and keep the rest of the room dimly lit with simple wall lights.
  • Task lights are the easiest when it comes to layering them with other lights. Since task lights like table lamps create a focal point in the room, the rest of the room can have various types of light to complement the task light. Recessed lights or wall sconces can be layered with these lights to create harmony.
  • Accent lights like recessed lights and spot lights can be layered with pendant lights to create an interesting space. Wall washing with spot lights create an alluring effect and look amazing!

So the next time you’re lighting up your home do not panic! Use these basic tips on how to layer them right to get the desired look for every room.