Splashing an entire room with a bold color or shade can seem like a lot to take in. You also run the risk of tiring of the room quickly. That’s why we love accent walls. They can break up a large room perfectly, giving it a sense of edge over an otherwise ordinary space. It is the simplest way to give a room a punch of freshness when you are not in the mood for a major design overhaul or repainting job. Designers at Livspace did just that when our clients asked for a twist to their bare walls.

Take a look at our top 5 favorite accent walls ideas from Livspace homes pan India:

1. Cheery and educationalGive your kid a fun wall with this alphabetical accent wall.
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Even though the kids’ bedroom is usually the most fun room in the house, a well-thought out accent wall would typically add some zing to the decor. We love the playful alphabet wall in pink, which is a fun and educational at the same time. Imagine your toddler learning the alphabet even before s/he goes to school! The cloud-filled cheery accent wall in blue gives an interesting twist to plain white walls.

2. Earthy and elegantInfuse earthy tones in your bedroom with a smudged, unfinished accent wall.
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An understated accent wall does wonders to this bedroom with french windows and ample natural light coming in. Mimic this deliberately smudged look with elegant wall hangings in complementing colors in your master bedroom. The monochromatic accent wall in greige increases the visual impact of an airy space like this!

3. Woody wonderA wood finish accent wall idea is a great way to introduce warmth in any room.
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A wooden accent wall provides an immediate draw in any space! For the most pronounced effect, we suggest choosing a wall that is furthest from the entrance. This ensures that the first thing you take in, when you walk into the room, is the wooden accent wall. We are crushing on this deep burnished look since it warms up the living room instantaneously.

4. GeometricityA geometric accent wall immediately acts as a focal point in any room.
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Geometric prints are taking over the design world and how! We love the idea of an accent wall loaded with triangles, stripes and rich tones. These punchy prints create the perfect accent walls, making way for an eye-catchy and mesmerising focal point. Living rooms, bedrooms and even kids’ rooms could benefit from this on-trend accent wall idea.

5. Rich metallic maniaImbibe a hotel-style aura in your bedroom by upholstering a wall.
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If you’re going to go bold and upholster an entire wall just make sure you pick out the perfect metallic tone to add just the right plush and hotel-style touch. This works best on the wall behind your bed, since it gives the illusion of an extended headboard.

We hope this sneak peek into these fabulous Livspace homes have given you some serious inspiration. The next time you’re looking to fix a space don’t dismiss the idea of simply just re-doing a single wall — trust us it will do wonders.