As we roll into 2017, here’s a look back at some of the most beautiful Livspace homes of 2016. Amidst all the year-end parties, get-togethers, and new year resolutions, these beautiful homes will give you some serious interior design goals for 2017.

Take a tour of our top six Livspace homes from 2016:

1. Paris-style livingA Marie Antoinette-style Livspace home tour in Mumbai.
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Who knew Marie Antoinette’s remarkable style and au courant design could come together to create something as beautiful as this Livspace home. Livspace designer Avneet Kaur Hanspal designed this beautiful Paris-style home in Goregaon, Mumbai for the Gupta’s. The best part about this abode is that along with the impeccable design and aesthetics, this home is designed keeping in mind the needs of an autistic child. One can see elegance and grandeur in every small element in the Gupta’s haven. The gargantuan mirrors in the dining and the gilded wallpaper motifs lend a luxurious feel to the home.

2. White wonderAn all-white Livspace home in Mulund that is everything that a new-age suburban family should have.
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Sachin and Pallavi Bid’s Mulund home is everything that a new-age suburban family with modern aesthetics and a well-travelled taste should have. With all-white interiors and splashes of wood peeking through, this home is contemporary in every way. The cool, navy button-tufted couch in the tastefully designed living room, is Pallavi’s favourite spot to take a snooze, while the husband and son duo, simply can’t seem to want to leave their new study.

3. High on opulenceA Livspace home that plays up on the lush green view with huge picture windows in South Delhi.
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Ever wondered how it feels to live in a space that overlooks greenery all around it? Livspace designer Divyalakshmi S shows us how it’s done. This beautiful 2BHK apartment is located in the quaint neighbourhood of Sarvapriya Vihar, South Delhi. The apartment plays up the lush green view with huge picture windows and provides the residents with calm and serene indoors. The apartment is gorgeously done up with floral artwork and exquisite accent walls in the bedrooms. The statement mirror in the living room is nothing less than a masterpiece!

4. Artistic brillianceSpeckles of art dot this New Delhi Livspace home, making it a creative and vibrant apartment.
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Livspace interior designer, Payal Arora, designed this sprawling modern-day home, located in Gurgaon, for Vipin and Richa Khandelwal who were looking for a mix of modern and classic elements in their home. Speckles of art dot the entire home. An intricate wooden jali partition that artistically separates the living from the dining space, wins hands down for reigning in the classic Indian touch.

5. Crisp modern livingThis unique and intimate Livspace home enjoys every aspect of modernity.
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In this strikingly crisp Bangalore home, one can find every aspect of modernity. Livspace interior designers, Prateek and Divyalakshmi carved unique and intimate corners in this contemporary home that’s got Scandi hints peeking through. Located in Horamavu, this unique 3BHK apartment packs in all elements that marry sumptuous comfort with modern sensibilities. Awash in neutral tones, this up-to-date home sends out eclectic and sophisticated vibes from every room.

6. Spacious gloryThis Bangalore Livspace home merges rustic sensibilities with modern aesthetics.

This Bangalore home is big on space with elegant undertones in every nook and corner, tastefully designed by Livspace designer, Hamsa Ganesan. She worked her magic and took over the daunting task of merging Satish Baid’s rustic sensibilities to Vidhi Khanna’s modern aesthetics. Gorgeous backlit jali accents along the foyer invite you into this alluring home that opens up to a spacious living area done up in contemporary pieces with clean lines. The bar complete with comic collectables and a rustic exposed brick wall is sure to treat eyes, especially when hosting!

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