A rejuvenating shower can set the mood for the day and with the right shower head your daily ablutions can become a luxurious experience. If you are looking for an upgrade in your bathroom, take a second to understand the different types of shower heads available out there:

Type of Shower Head #1: Single spray
types of shower heads

If there is a shower head that has been used in Indian bathrooms for the longest time, it’s the single spray shower head. With a concentrated, to-the-point flow and solid pressure, they make bath times a comfortable experience. These types of shower heads are perfect for those on a budget and for small to medium sized bathrooms.

Type of Shower Head #2: Rain system 
types of shower heads

An option steadily becoming popular in the Indian market, this shower head lets you relive the joy of the monsoons. With its light pressure and large diameter, it evens out the flow of water for a calm and soothing effect.

Fit your rain shower head to an extended shower handle (or purchase one) so that you directly stand under it for the best experience.

Type of Shower Head #3: Handheld 
types of shower heads

Don’t like moving around the shower to wash off the soap? Don’t worry! Handheld shower heads let you stand at one spot and finish your bath. It can also be fixed on a mount and used if required.

This is an extremely convenient shower head and is especially helpful if you have kids, pets or elderly occupants at home.

Type Of Shower Head #4: Shower Panels
types of shower heads

Shower panels and body spray shower heads are designed to pamper you. These types of shower heads are pocket-heavy and can be installed in your bathroom if you are building it from scratch or going for a renovation.

With spray or showers fitted from top to bottom, on parallel or adjacent walls, this gives your body a spa therapy with equated water streams from all sides.

Type Of Shower Head #5: Ceiling mount
types of shower heads

Similar to the rain shower head, the ceiling shower head evenly spreads the flow of the water over a large area. This luxurious shower head is an expensive option and the plumbing has to be done accordingly.

Type of Shower Head #6: Sliding Bar
types of shower heads

If your family has a common shower, the sliding bar shower head should be your go-to option. The shower head’s height can be easily adjusted and is equally convenient for kids and parents.

Enjoy relaxing bath times by simply changing your shower head using this list. However, if you have more than one bathroom consider the easiest and most convenient shower heads for the commonly used one. This way you save on expenses on maintenance and it can act as a backup too!