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9 Must-Have Modular Kitchen Fittings With Their Prices From Real Livspace Homes

The modular kitchen fittings you choose have a critical impact on your kitchen interior budget. You don’t need all of these fittings, but you can choose your perfect combination of these to save your budget and meet all your needs at the same time!


This 3,440 sq. ft. DSR Woodwinds’ Duplex Flat Interior Design Is Beautifully Timeless

The Choudhurys know that saving money on interiors is a hustle that continues even after your interiors are delivered. Hence, they got a design that is timeless as well as ageless!


Efficient and Stunning Membrane Kitchen Design in Jaipur Under ₹3.5 Lakhs

Welcome to our first home design photo shoot in Jaipur! Take a tour of this beautiful kitchen that has it all.


2022’s Top 5 Low Budget Indian Homes With 📹 Testimonials

If you want some low budget home design inspiration, you have come to the right place! These 5 homes will show you how to get the best design without breaking the bank.


Modern Kitchen Renovation in Under ₹4 Lakhs, Bangalore for a Traditional Family

We love watching drastic kitchen transformations – it’s a guilty pleasure. If you do too, this kitchen renovation in under ₹4 lakhs, Bangalore will definitely be something you’d want to check out. Click to read how Livspace did the magic


Simplicity Meets Low-Maintenance Luxury in This 3BHK Interior Design for Godrej 101 in Gurgaon

Looking for tips on how to plan the 3BHK interiors of Godrej 101? Let this home’s interior design for Godrej 101 in Gurgaon show you how.


This 90 sq. ft. U-Shaped Kitchen Renovation From Delhi Is Under ₹2.5 Lakh

A U-shaped kitchen renovation and a tight budget. See how Livspace designers tackled both to make this U-shaped kitchen makeover stunning. (Bonus: Scroll to find how you can budget your kitchen renovation too!)


A Budget Kitchen Renovation Under ₹2.5 Lakhs in Kochi That’s Functional and Stunning

A proper renovation needs keen eyes to identify all the challenges of your old kitchen and a sophisticated strategy for an improved, new design. Check out how Livspace managed all of this for Charles Joseph on a budget!


This Stunning 3BHK Flat Kitchen Remodel in Delhi Has a Multiuser Design

Malu Chatterjee and her daughter can now use their kitchen simultaneously without interrupting each other


How to Use Popular Interior Design Elements to Transform the Look of Your Home

The Patras’ 3BHK at SJR Blue Waters has some stunning interior design elements that you must incorporate in your home

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