Ever been haunted by dreadful interiors? Picture a wardrobe that rattles and refuses to shut properly or kitchen cabinetry battling dampness and peeling laminate. Horrifying, right? In this blog, we not only unveil the frightening reality of poor quality interiors, but also showcase how Livspace spared 4 homes from this horror, sculpting stunning, functional and enduring spaces.

Say no to poor quality interiors, say yes to Livspace!

#1: The Phantom of the Poor Quality Kitchen

Poor quality hinges in the kitchen can be both unattractive and unsafe
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Few things are more horrifying than a poor quality kitchen! Some of the common “ghosts” that can haunt such a kitchen include:

  • Faulty hardware with shutters that don’t close properly
  • Peeling laminates. Additionally, moisture leaking inside the cabinetry
  • Misaligned units and drawers that don’t fit properly

From Barespace to Livspace!

Livspace transformed this basic space into a gorgeous, contemporary kitchen

Considering that the kitchen is usually the room that receives the most activity in your home, it’s essential that you have a space that is durable and ergonomic. By choosing Livspace, you can be the proud owner of a beautiful kitchen that stands the test of time!

Here’s everything that makes this Livspace kitchen unique:

  • The cabinetry is equipped with our DuraBuild technology that ensures soft-closing hinges and a sturdy build
  • In addition, Livspace’s AquaBloc technology protects the core materials in this kitchen from moisture
  • The cabinets feature a silver-blue frost laminate that is a fairly economical alternative to acrylic. Moreover, it looks elegant while also being easy-to-maintain
  • We have equipped the kitchen with maximum storage in the form of wicker baskets, a Tambor unit, a carousel, a microwave unit and a spice rack
  • We hacked one side of the kitchen to create extra depth to accommodate the cabinets

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#2: The Horror of the TV Unit Drawer That Refuses to Shut

Faulty TV unit drawers can be a pain!

Your TV unit, designed to enhance your entertainment, can quickly become a source of frustration if it suffers from poor quality. Here are some issues to watch out for in your TV unit:

  • Its drawers don’t shut properly
  • The unit doesn’t match the size of your TV
  • It’s bulky and takes up too much space

From Barespace to Livspace!

Nobody likes a badly designed TV unit ruining their movie watching experience! At Livspace, we offer both modular and customised TV units that perfectly fit your needs.

Love the Livspace TV unit above? Here’s what makes it stand out:

  • The design is sleek and minimal
  • Our DuraBuild technology ensures the drawers are soft-closing
  • In addition, we have used high-quality laminate that underwent multiple quality checks, making it durable, economical and low-maintenance

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#3: The Bad Quality Wardrobe That Gives You Nightmares

Wardrobe shutters that don’t close properly due to misalignment can ruin your clothes
Peeling laminate makes the wardrobe look unappealing
bubbles wardrobe laminate
Blister bubbles form on wardrobe laminate when the pressing is not done evenly
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Imagine this: you are sleeping peacefully and you suddenly hear a spooky creaking noise, only to realise it’s just the hinges or channels of your wardrobe acting up! Here’s how you can understand if your wardrobe has quality issues:

  • Blister bubbles form on your wardrobe laminate
  • Squeaky hinges or channels. Additionally, the door refuses to shut properly
  • Laminate that’s peeling off
  • Inadequate storage

From Barespace to Livspace!

At Livspace, we ensure our wardrobes are both beautiful and functional

A good bedroom design is incomplete without a functional wardrobe. At Livspace, we have designed our wardrobes to be high-quality, stunning masterpieces!

All the reasons why this Livspace wardrobe is amazing:

  • This wardrobe comes with Livspace’s AntiBubble technology that ensures a smooth and seamless finish
  • The hinges of this swing wardrobe are soft-closing due to our DuraBuild technology
  • With niches carved into the wall-to-wall wardrobe, you will never run out of display space!

#4: The Ghost of the Dull Bedroom Design

A bedroom that isn’t designed well can be a pain to live in

Poor quality is not just limited to materials or hardware, but also extends to design. Quality issues and an unappealing ambiance in your bedroom can easily disrupt your restful night’s sleep. Common problems in a poorly designed bedroom include:

  • Lack of natural light. In addition, not enough artificial light
  • Incorrect selection of furnishings
  • An unattractive wall design. Moreover, a colour scheme that doesn’t work for the space
  • An uncomfortable bed and headboard

From Barespace to Livspace!

For a bedroom to look and feel good, you need to consider several factors. Luckily, the experienced designers at Livspace can not only understand your requirements but also customise your bedroom to fit those needs.

Here’s how we transformed this basic bedroom into a breathtaking masterpiece!

  • We chose a neutral colour palette with wooden accents to open up the space
  • Additionally, we incorporated lighting in the false ceiling as well as an upholstered headboard with a jaali wall panel, ensuring the room looks more spacious
  • For storage, we converted a 27″ duct space beside the bed into a dresser unit

How Can Livspace Help You?

  • With 146 quality checks, your home enjoys durable materials and long-lasting interiors
  • Our offerings come with revolutionary technology like DuraBuild, AquaBloc and AntiBubble
  • Our experienced team can design your dream home as per your requirements

If you want beautiful interiors for your home, then look no further. Book an online consultation with Livspace today.