It’s that time of the year again! For those of you who made resolutions and broke them time and again, and for those who stood by them, a new chapter is right round the corner. Year-end celebrations, resolutions, parties, get-togethers and so on — there’s so much to look forward to!

At Livspace, we believe that positivity and happiness should resonate from each corner of your home. So we have some great ideas to get your home party ready for new years!

New Year Party Decor Idea #1: Declutter Your Home and Mind

Cleaning your home is the first step to throwing a good party! Decluttering ahead of time will naturally give you a fresh start and give your home (and mind) an uplifted feel. Make sure you stow away all your extra stuff in nooks and corners which are not accessible. Use colourful accents to give your home a facelift this party season!

New Year Party Decor Idea #2: Colours of 2018

Your home can get a breath of fresh air with new linens, covers and other furnishings. Vastu recommends colours like yellow, blue and green stand for positivity and prosperity, while earthy tones can rev up your style quotient. These colours can also be the inspiration for your party’s theme.

New Year Party Decor Idea #3: Flower Power!

Don’t just stick to balloons and lights to decorate your party. Instead, bring in some fresh flowers. Daffodils and daisies represent new beginnings which will blend into your party’s theme right away! If the crowd cannot fit into your home, you can always move it to the terrace which makes it magical and give you more fun ways to decorate.

New Year Party Decor Idea #4: Bring out the Good Stuff

New Years’ eve parties definitely call for some extravagance and your exclusive china can find their way to the tables now, more than ever, especially if it’s a small group of family and friends. Add a dash of elegance to your dining table setting with well placed cutlery, complete with classy centerpieces. Want some inspiration for DIY centerpieces? Go here!

New Year Party Decor Idea #5: Party Hard and Smart!

Love parties but hate cleaning up after? It’s all fun and games until the next morning, when we wake up to a grand mess at home. So, take our advice and move the party upstairs, to the terrace! Terrace parties are always a good idea when the weather is this great. You can have a barbeque party or even a buffet! Also, make sure you use disposable dinnerware when you are hosting a party on the terrace. Solves a lot of problems, right?

It’s almost time to welcome 2018, and we’re bursting with excitement. Make every second count and welcome the new year with a bang! Throw a party, have friends over, drink it up and have an epic new year’s eve bash. Keep these tips in mind to become a fantastic host! Remember, your smile is the best welcome for your guests!

Do not forget to write in to us with your comments and suggestions. We would love to hear how you hosted your year end bash!