Passageways, whether they are at the entrance of your home or connecting different rooms, are design opportunities. If you leave them bare, they look like fillers that disrupt the thread of continuity in your home. However, if you opt for the right hallway decor ideas, the passages in your homes may well become the highlights of your interiors. 

Here is a curated list of passageways from #LivspaceHomes that are bound to inspire you!

Hallway Decor Ideas #1: Light up the way
Real and rustic charm

One of the most time-tested ways to do up a passageway is to use statement lights. But the novelty of this chandelier with industrial overtones really caught our eye in this #LivspaceHome. The abstract wallpaper too complements the lighting to perfection.

Hallway Decor Ideas #2: Buddha’s Boon
The pop of orange adds to Buddha’s brilliance

The image of Buddha has become quite the modern motif for art and we see it used in different forms in many homes. However, placing this statement statue in a niche is a particularly bold design idea. There is something striking about this large statue of Buddha on a lotus, and the pop of orange certainly attracts attention.

Hallway Decor Ideas #3: Cryptic Carvings
Intricately quaint

This intricately carved wooden panel is a statement piece in itself. The ledge below is a sleek and functional addition. The quaint pendant lights provide the finishing touches to this vintage setting.

Hallway Decor Ideas #4: Wooden Wonder
Cast in wood!

On one side we have textured wooden panels and on the other, there is a wall-to-wall mirror to reflect it. Even the ceiling in this passage has warm wooden details. It comes together as a feast of warm wooden finishes.

Hallway Decor Ideas #5: Glint & Gleam
The gleam of glass and glint of metal

This hallway has a double whammy of shine. The mirror panels add a gleaming touch to the hallway wall decor. Meanwhile, there is a glint of metal coming from the console. We also loved the scooped design of the console’s base.

Hallway Decor Ideas #6: Beams, Flowers and Moulds
An unlikely mish-mash of design features

This hallway puts together an unlikely combination of design features for a stunning effect. The ceiling has wooden rafters as well as floral details. The hallway wall decor is marked by mouldings that mimic frames. Although distinct, the features come together as a cohesive whole.

Hallway Decor Ideas #7: Stylishly Scandinavian
Less is more

The sheer bareness of this passageway is a design statement that highlights the minimal console. Don’t miss the rare black pottery on the console or the rounded wall lights that illuminate this space.

Hallway Decor Ideas #8: Dots and Dash

The element of contrast works for this foyer

The round-shaped mirrors add spots of shine to this passage. The wooden panelling behind the mirrors helps bring in an element of contrast, and the ledge is sleek as well as functional addition to the setup.

Hallway Decor Ideas #9: Zigzag-ing Through the Hallway
The flooring is the statement piece

This hallway forces you to stop and look at the zigzag-patterned floor you are walking on. Also, with the mirror on the wall, you can take a last-minute look at yourself before walking out.

Hallway Decor Ideas #10: Crisp and Contemporary
Crisp and clean lines

The wooden rafters in this hallway are matched perfectly by the trimmings on the doors. The lone cabinet also blends in perfectly with the setting, creating an aura of understated elegance.

Hallway Decor Ideas #11: Go Gold, go Bold
The glamorous and golden presence of Buddha

While the Buddha motif has become highly popular, this particular statue sitting peacefully atop the wooden cabinet ensures that no one can miss out on its majestic presence! The golden statue glows in the warm lighting of the room, leading a relaxed setting to the hallway.

Hallway Decor Ideas #12: Light and Shadows
A play of shadow and light

There is a play of light and shadows in this hallway, thanks to the profile lighting that spreads across the ceiling. The effect is quite breathtaking, and hence, the hallway needs no more ornamentation.

Hallway Design Ideas #13: Dreamy Whites
A fairytale foyer

The overhead lights, in combination with the stark white walls, makes this hallway timeless in its elegance. Also, with this quaint clock in your hallway, you never need to worry about running late!

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