In this era of full schedules, hustlers have lesser and lesser time for chores, cleaning being one of them. But if there’s one thing worse than finding a slot for cleaning every day, it’s going through the pile-up of tasks at the end of the month or season. If all this sounds familiar, we’ve got you covered. These smart cleaning hacks will keep your house clean at all times so you don’t have to tackle it all at once at the end!

Hack #1: Cover furniture that is not in use

When it’s time to use them, toss the cover in the washing machine

If you have furniture that you don’t use on the regular, consider covering them with slipcovers. These don’t give off the vibe of a ghost house but keep your furniture dust-free. This trick works for sofas, dining tables, patio furniture and bed frames. When it’s time to use them, you can throw the covers in the wash and be left with clean furniture that’s ready for use without a flurry of cleaning.

Hack #2: Spring cleaning without fail

This will reduce your work for the rest of the year

When the time comes and the seasons change, it’s best to whip out the cleaning supplies and just get done with it. Spring cleaning doesn’t stop at dusting and mopping the floor– it’s a complete overhaul of your space. When spring rolls around, consider deep cleaning and scrubbing down parts of your house you wouldn’t pay attention to on a daily basis. This could be your kitchen tiles, floor grooves, bathroom sanitaryware… the list goes on. Spring cleaning without fail reduces the bulk of your work for the rest of the year.

Hack #3: Break up big tasks

You can do it on a weekly or daily basis

If a laundry list of cleaning duties is a daunting prospect, consider breaking up big tasks to make them more achievable. Depending on how many chores and what kind, your breakup could be weekly or daily. Consider cleaning out closets, cabinets and shelves one per week until you’ve tackled them all. Tasks such as dusting and mopping can be done daily. If you need to declutter, reserve a day of the week to do it so you never schedule another task in its place. Check this out if you need help: How Often Should You Clean Everything?

Hack #4: Keep things back in place

Consider customised storage options

Keeping things back where they belong significantly reduces your list of chores. Have a designated place for each item in your house whether big or small. You could put them back in place right after you’re done with them, or put everything back together at the end of the day or before bed. Having customised storage such as hooks, drawers and catch-alls can hold oddities and essentials like keys and lip balm.

Hack #5: Declutter

Separate your essentials from clutter

Decluttering is one of the most proactive cleaning hacks because it reduces the number of items you have to clean! Go room by room and sort out what you need and what you don’t use. You could go a full Marie Kondo or decide on your own sorting solution– either way, separating your essentials from the clutter helps reduce your footprint and the chores on your list.

Using these cleaning hacks will allow you to chip away at your chores list while still going about your daily hustle! Looking for kitchen cleaning ideas? This might help you: 1 Ingredient to Clean Everything!

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