The utility room is a salient feature in many Indian homes. However, the full potential of this versatile addition is yet to be realised. This room is key to keeping heavy appliances and domestic chores out of the rest of the home where it’s sure to be an eyesore. Here’s a guide to the ever-functional space and how you can use it best.

What is a Utility Room?
Utility Room-Laundry Room
A safe space to do your laundry

A utility room is a room, balcony or space dedicated to appliances that are necessary but aren’t used every day. These include washing machines, dishwashers, drying stands and cleaning supplies among others.

This space helps to keep the visual bulk away from the rest of the home. At the same time, it keeps appliances accessible at all times. This room also doubles up as a storage space for linen, extra cleaning agents, or even an additional sink.

Which is the Best Location for a Utility Room?
Utility Room-Where to Keep
Keep your bulky appliances behind closed doors

The utility room is best attached to the kitchen because that’s where more of the high-profile, appliance-centric work happens. Creating such a workflow for all your household needs allows for seamless housekeeping and not too much running around. 

This room can be an extra space within the kitchen’s perimeter. Alternately, you can have a separate room attached to one of the kitchen walls. The average room is wide enough to comfortably hold a washing machine and a few extra tools. However, larger ones can accommodate sinks, drying stands and more.

How Does a Utility Room Add Value?
Utility Room-Task oriented Space
Complete your chores in peace

For starters, this room takes all domestic chores and hides them from the view of guests.  This means no clothes flapping in the balcony or ironing boards out in the hall. It’s also a place to keep appliances that you need in your life but don’t fit into any of the other rooms.

The utility room is a task-oriented space. What’s more, you need to keep this space functional and clean without going into the frills of design. Lastly, it allows you to showcase your gorgeous interiors without marring it with a bulky machine!

What is a Utility Room Best Suited For?
Utility Room-Uses
Think of all the benefits!

Appliances: The room can function as your laundry area, so all related paraphernalia go in there and stay there. Standard utility rooms can accommodate a regular-sized washing machine; a well-ventilated room can double up as a clothes-drying area as well.  

Storage: If you’re running out of functional storage space for less-than-pretty things around the house, this room is your saviour. Consider installing cabinets and open shelves to store cleaning supplies and spares. Depending on what you need the room for, you could also choose to add racks and an additional sink– something homeowners do if they don’t want pots and pans piling up in their otherwise lovely kitchen.

Why are Utility Rooms in India Mostly Open?
Utility Room-Drying Clothes
Open utility areas are highly functional!

It defies the concept of a ‘room’, right? There’s a logical reason behind it, though. An open utility room can easily double up as a breezy clothes-drying area because clothes dryers aren’t much in use in India. This is especially important if the house isn’t blessed with more balconies or an open veranda. Other reasons might include ventilating the kitchen and pulling double duty as an additional balcony.

The secret to a clutter-free home that’s easy on the eyes is making your utility room the hidden workhorse of the house! You can also use this to declutter your home further: 9 Ways to Free Your Home from Clutter.

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