Simplicity never goes out of style! 


Who livs here: Tapasya and her husband Amit K with their two sons

Location: Ireo Skyon, Gurgaon

Size of home: 4BHK spanning 2,800 sq ft

Design team: Interior designer Konica Mathur with Design Manager Pulkit Manchanda

Livspace service: Full home design (kitchen not included)

Budget: ₹₹₹₹

When Tapasya and Amit moved into their new home at Ireo Skyon, they knew they needed professional help to do up their interiors. Afterall, with wide balconies overlooking a golf park and lots of floorspace, the family of four wanted interiors to match the ambience! But they were pretty sure they would have to round up different carpenters and painters to meet their extensive decor needs.

After a quick search online for designers in Gurgaon, they found Livspace and met our designer Konica Mathur. And they couldn’t be happier since all their requirements would be met under one roof! Here’s a tour of their lovely home.

A pearly white entry



You can’t miss the beautiful blue textured paint as soon as you enter their home. Konica took it further up a notch by adding white trims and paint towards the end of the wall. With a three drawer shoe cabinet and a seating space, the pearly white ensemble is highlighted under industrial-inspired light fixtures. Talk about an entrance!

Sea-kissed Serenity




Here’s a living room that will get heads turning, especially to the walls! Tapasya and Amit wanted a breezy living room with subtle colours and a slight European vibe. To meet the brief, Konica put in trims to frame the wall and a white brick wallpaper on the other side.

Beige leatherettes and a floral upholstered arm chair cozy up the room. But the highlight of the living room is the sea blue sofa bench that is placed perfectly in front of the wide balcony.


Staying Lime Fresh



Tapasya and Amit didn’t want to fit both a bed and a study table since it would mean taking a lot of space. And floorspace was essential! They wanted their sons to have plenty of room to play. Konica added a wall-mounted table, a seating space with drawers and a wardrobe to keep the room free from clutter. Even the windows have wide ledges for them to either sit or display their toys.




Tapasya also wanted a neutral tone with a pop of colour for the playroom. And what better combination than lime green with white over wooden flooring!

“The kids love their room and it’s our favourite room of the house as well. It is perfectly designed and the lime green colour stands out,” says Tapasya.

Cozy Nooks



Since Tapasya predominantly works from home, she wanted a corner with a no-fuss table and storage space for her books. Konica intelligently put in a storage cabinet with an attached table to squeeze in a little more space. She also put up a white partition to make the study a cozy corner and to make space for their pooja room.

Subtle Elegance





Two glossy grey wardrobes lead up to the airy and beautifully done master bedroom. Dipped in neutral tones, Tapasya and Amit wanted the wall behind the bed to stand out but not anything over the top. Konica placed two panels of wallpaper on either ends with dark trims for that perfect subtle pop. With a king-sized bed and a pearly white TV unit, the family only wanted essential furniture in their room to retain the space.


“I absolutely enjoyed working with Tapasya and Amit and designing their home. They paid attention to details and trusted my choices.”

– Konica Mathur, Interior Designer, Livspace

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