This SNN Raj Grandeur apartment is design goals!

snn-raj-grandeur-opening image-living room-dining room
A pop of colour everywhere

Who livs here: Harish Daddera with his wife Sujata and their twin children 

Location: SNN Raj Grandeur, Hongasandra, Bengaluru

Size of home: A 3BHK spanning 1,600 sq ft approx.

Design team: Interior Designer Sneha LS and Project Manager Kiran Kumar Matcha

Livspace service: Full home design

Budget: ₹₹₹₹

Dressed in bold colours and glossy finishes, this 3 BHK in Bangalore at SNN Raj Grandeur will bowl you over at the first step. Hailing from Coorg, Harish and Sujata Daddera have very refined taste and they wanted every little detail to shine through at this apartment. Everything in this home is newly bought and the interiors had to match up to it. They came looking for interior designers for their dream home when they chanced upon us.

After a couple of visits to the Experience Centre and discussions with their designer, Sneha, they decided to freeze in on Livspace. Multiple interactions later, Sneha was sure of the kind of look that the couple wanted for their home. She got to designing and came up with the first draft of renders which were approved in the first go. A lot of hard work from the designer and the service partner, SK Interiors has gone into giving this home the look that it wears now. Read on.

SNN Raj Grandeur: A Striking Entrance
snn-raj-grandeur-entryway-foyer-wooden rafters-veneer panels
Veneer panels and more!

The couple was sure about having a foyer at this 3 BHK in Bangalore that looks absolutely stunning. Sneha had to do something extraordinary with this space and she chose wood and laminate rafters for the ceiling and charcoal panelling for the wall. She has also given them a wall ledge with a circular backdrop to place their Ganesha idol. Patterned veneer panels with glossy PU finish lead the way to the rest of the home.

SNN Raj Grandeur: Beige Dreams

What is the most stunning feature of this living room? It is definitely the pop yellow and blue TV unit. Harish was adamant about getting a yellow backdrop for the TV unit and he picked this dark yellow high gloss laminate. The unit at the bottom sports a dark blue version of the same laminate. This unit flaunts huge niches that can be used for display and the couple loves buying new decor pieces. Another interesting element here is the laser cut panel on the false ceiling that was an idea that Harish carried back from the Experience Centre.

SNN Raj Grandeur: Dotted with Details

Sneha was determined to give the dining room at this 3 BHK in Bangalore a simple look, therefore, she opted for wooden rafters on the ceiling with pendant lights for company. The crockery unit here is not a regular one. The high gloss laminate unit borrows colour from the base of the TV unit. With full-length glass display shelves, there is no dearth of display area. The back panel also has display ledges where exclusive china can be displayed.

SNN Raj Grandeur: Enclosed in Jaali
snn-raj-grandeur-pooja unit-jaali door
Laser cut doors

The crockery unit has a pooja unit enclosed within it. Lovely laser cut doors open up to the pristine white pooja unit. The two-step unit has marble all over that gives it a plush look.

SNN Raj Grandeur: Ravishing in Red

The kitchen is exactly how the initial design was presented by Sneha. Since this kitchen was supposed to be used regularly by Sujata, she wanted a functional space complete with modules that come handy on a daily basis. Red was the chosen colour for this acrylic kitchen that has a microwave unit and a tambor unit to store all the appliances. Storage consists of tandem drawers and cutlery units that are sufficient for a functional kitchen like this one.

snn-raj-grandeur-client image-Harish
SNN Raj Grandeur: Going Floral

Sneha picked up a floral theme for the master bedroom because she felt like it will give a nice vibe to the space. Peppy yellow flowers deck up the wall behind the Stanley bed, while one side table fills up one corner. The TV unit is of a light laminate and is a minimal one. A wall mounted dresser makes for a space-saving piece of furniture. Full size sliding wardrobes solve storage problems in this room.

SNN Raj Grandeur: A Music Lover’s Paradise

This room belongs to the boy at home who loves cool colours like blues and greys. Sneha has given him a similar colour scheme for his room. A music-themed wallpaper for the accent wall and grey-blue sliding door wardrobes with mirror panelling in the centre are the heroes here. He also needed a compact study table so Sneha got that made in a dark laminate finish for him. If you notice carefully, there’s a walk-in space in this room that has storage for his shoes, winter-wear and so on.

SNN Raj Grandeur: Dreamy Pink Room

The pink and bright room is for the girl since she loves the colour and she only wanted this for her room. Sneha obliged by giving her PU finish sliding door wardrobes with a mirror panel in the centre. The study table is also a customised for her with cabinets, drawers and ledges. An Eiffel Tower-themed wallpaper adorns the wall next to her bed.

“This was one of my best projects with Livspace till date. The clients were very accommodating and gave me complete freedom to experiment. The designs were finalised in the first discussion and they were open to new ideas. I was involved in every purchase made for the home and they encouraged me to come up with innovative suggestions.”

-Sneha LS, Interior Designer, Livspace

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