Homely bedroom and living room design for this young couple!

Calm interiors

Who livs here: Himanshu Joshi with his wife Neha and his parents

Location: Sector 75, Noida

Size of home: A 3BHK spanning 1,600 sq ft approx.

Design team: Interior Designer Surabhi N Jain and Quality Manager Vineet Sharma

Livspace service: Full home design

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

Himanshu and Neha were newly married and just moving into their new home in Noida. Being subtle personalities, they wanted a home that has evergreen interiors. Anything loud or overly flashy was not their style. This working couple owns this beautiful 3BHK which they were looking to get designed by experts. After a brief search online, Livspace happened and they visited the Experience Centre to start their journey with us.

While you must have seen a lot of simple homes around Delhi, this one is sure to sweep you off your feet. With subtle beiges and whites taking centre stage here, Surabhi N Jain, their design expert, made sure she catered to all their needs. Take a tour of this beautifully understated home in Noida.

A Simple Living Room
blue sofa design-pendant lighting-white coffee table-plant wall art
Bright and breezy
blue sofa design-pendant lighting-tv unit-white partition
Partition for utility and style
blue sofa-white jaali partition-lighting
Divider for compact spaces

For a couple that loves dark colours, it’s surprising how designer Surabhi convinced them to paint their home in a neutral colour palette! She wanted to open up the space with the use of lighter shades and the outcome is here for you to see.

When you enter the Joshi home, a soothing and homely living room automatically envelops you. Simple sofas set against the backdrop of a metallic wallpaper, with a pretty pendant light in the corner is such a warm sight. Considering how Himanshu and Neha also love white, a beautiful white coffee table found its way to their living room. It features shelves for storage, making it functional too. Surabhi extended the colour to the jaali partition that separates the living and the dining room. The geometric design adds an edge to the otherwise homey space.

Brownie Points for this Bedroom
Room-design-wallpaper designs-floral curtains
Cosy bedding
Room-design-white walls-wallpaper
Stunning wallpaper options
Room-design-floral curtain-green theme bedroom
Greens and florals
Room-design-wall lights-green bedding-bedside table
A stunning colour combination
Aesthetics and comfort

When Surabhi met the couple, she instantly gathered their tastes and preferences. All she had to do was work around it and give them a design that would fit them perfectly. When it comes to the room design, everyone loves retiring in a cozy room with warm colours. So Surabhi suggested this abstract print wallpaper in brown, to match the wooden flooring. The bed is again in one of their favourite colours — white.

“Since the couple wanted a lot of storage, I suggested this sleek bed with hydraulic storage for the bedroom,” says Surabhi. The entire room feels very light and airy owing to the colour scheme and natural light seeping in through the balcony.

A Cozy Corner for the Couple
Room-design-blue bay seating window-green bedding-floral curtains
The perfect bedroom
Cosy corners

One of the most interesting feature of this room design is the cozy seating by the widow in the corner. Both, Himanshu and Neha enjoy admiring nature and thus, Surabhi suggested this sitting area. Not only does it add character to the room, but it also makes the best use of space that would normally be wasted. This seating wears the perfect shade of blue and features storage, along with a table where the couple to set their coffee mugs as they enjoy the view outside and catch up with each other.


“When I met Himanshu and Neha, they told me that they want a simple design that does not burn a hole in their pocket. I worked around it and came up with a design that would accommodate everything. Since they were not very fussy, it was easy to work with them.”

– Surabhi N Jain, Interior Designer, Livspace

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