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Who livs here: Sudeep Singh, his wife Parul with their daughter and son and his mother
Location: Civitech Sampriti, Sector 77, Noida
Size of home: 3BHK spanning 1,625 sq ft
Design team: Interior designer Kajal Sood and Project Manager Ambar Sharma
Livspace service: Full home design
Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹ 

A full home design without draining your wallet might seem like a far-fetched dream. You would want beautiful interiors, quality materials and maybe even pops of personality for your home. But the thought of getting an exhaustive bill at the end might be overwhelming and intimidating. When Sudeep Singh and his wife, Parul bought their new home in sector 77, Noida, they wanted dreamy interiors to match their swanky loft. That’s when they approached us.

The brief was simple: an elegant home with happy interiors and a colourful bedroom for their two children. They also wanted their interiors to fit within a budget. That’s where our designer Kajal Sood, who knows a thing or two about designing budget-friendly homes, stepped in.

Following the brief to the T, Kajal doused the home with sleek elements, glossy finishes, and playful interiors. Let’s pop right in!

Eclectic Living
budget interior designers living room
budget interior designers living
budget interior designers living sofas
budget interior designers living wall
budget interior designers living TV
budget interior designers living display

The Singhs love intriguing elements. The living room is proof for the same. Take a look at the accent wall done up with grey textured paint and geometric prints. Doesn’t it add to the energy of the room? Kajal put in a grey L-shaped sofa and a royal blue ottoman for comfy seating. The statement coffee table, metal floral chandelier and accent lights in the corner elevates the plush ambience.

.With a wooden-toned panel and sleek row of white drawers, the TV unit complements the other elements of the room. Finished off with laminate, the unit indeed adds the right amount of warmth to the space. We love the vertical ladder-like display unit as well! 

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Cozy Dining
budget interior designers dining table crockery
budget interior designers dining table
budget interior designers dining
budget interior designers dining table crockery cabinet
budget interior designers dining and kitchen
budget interior designers kitchen and dining

Here’s a dining space that sure makes a statement. Since the Singhs wanted their dining in front of their kitchen, Kajal thought of a unique solution to fit what they wanted. She created a niche where a dining nook could fit in comfortably. The walls have been done up in ombre textured paint. Because of this, it clearly distinguishes the space from the rest of the room. Kajal placed a floral built-in bench for seating and a crisp white picnic table for dining.

The crockery cabinet mimics the stylish TV unit from the living room. While the base units are wooden-toned, the upper cabinets are a glossy white.

A Plush Kitchen
budget interior designers kitchen cabinets
budget interior designers kitchen full
budget interior designers kitchen backsplash
budget interior designers kitchen cabients light
budget interior designers kitchen breakfast
budget interior designers kitchen countertable
budget interior designers kitchen food

The Singhs wanted a classy, easy-to-maintain, and elegant kitchen. As a result, glossy elements have been made a priority. Kajal ensured to put in plenty of storage for the family of four. While the base units are in slate grey, the overhead cabinets are frosty white. Kajal took it further up a notch by adding profile lighting under the upper cabinets. Doesn’t it elevate the ambience of the kitchen? For an extra bit of storage, Kajal put in lofts as well. All the cabinets have been topped off in glossy laminate. It certainly gives the kitchen a plush appeal.

Take a moment to notice the patterned backsplash. It perfectly pairs with the neutral colours of the kitchen. Also, the wall behind the hob is crafted with lacquered glass. The quartz countertop completes the look.

Blissful Blues and Browns
budget interior designers bedroom
budget interior designers master bedroom full
budget interior designers master bedroom loveseat
budget interior designers master bedroom
budget interior designers master bedroom TV

The master bedroom is doused in soothing colours. Since the centre wall had a niche already, Kajal put up an intriguing wallpaper to add dimension to the space. The headboard is a rich slate grey. A loveseat with the matching headboard is placed beside the bed for extra seating. The Singhs didn’t want typical bedside tables. As a result, Kajal put in open shelves that are attached to the base of the bed. Also, for that extra bit of display, she crafted a sleek white ledge that has been mounted above the bed.

For this room, Kajal also crafted a compact version of the TV unit in the living room. Keeping things simple and minimal, she mounted two ledges as well for the family to display photos and artefacts. The hinged wardrobe in white and dark grey has been topped off in an acrylic finish.

Happy-hued Bedroom
budget interior designers kids room
budget interior designers kids bed
budget interior designers kids room bed
budget interior designers kids wardrobe
budget interior designers kids study

The Singhs were particular about the bedroom for their son and daughter. They wanted colourful and happy interiors with plenty of storage. Of course, Kajal readily obliged! She put in crisp white open shelves and lofts above the bed. All the storage units have been topped off with a laminate finish to keep things sleek and clean. The centre wall is painted in gorgeous grey. For pops of colour, Kajal added bright mustard and green on the wardrobe and study table.

budget interior designers family living

“We are happy with how our home looks. Our designer Kajal Sood did an amazing job designing our home!” 

– Sudeep and Parul Singh, Livspace Homeowners

“It was a lot of fun designing Sudeep and Parul’s home. They are such a jovial couple! During the entire process, they were patient and open to all my suggestions. I am glad they love the outcome!”

Kajal Sood, Interior Designer, Livspace

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