This Mumbai home has a contemporary design!

Design_living room

Who Livs here: MG Alkesh and his wife Pooja Alkesh

Location: Lodha Casa Royale, Balkum Road, Thane

Size: A 2BHK home spanning 800 sq. ft. approx.

Design team: Interior Designer and Quality Manager Vaidehi Mohile 

Livspace service: Living room, kitchen, bedrooms and pooja room

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

When MG Alkesh and his wife, Pooja Alkesh decided to get their house designed professionally, they knew exactly what they wanted. A simple contemporary house, with not a lot of jazz and with clean finishes. But they also wanted pops of colour in the bedrooms to reflect their personalities.

#1: A breezy seating area

Design_living room
Design_living room tv unit

For their living room, they envisioned a sea theme. The most striking feature of this room is the turquoise sofa that sits in front of light yellow walls. They wanted sleek furniture for the main room. Look around and you will notice a champagne and grey coloured TV unit and a complementing shoe cabinet as well. As soon as you enter, behind the dining table, they use a pop of blue to show their love for all things sea.

#2: Elegance defined

Design_pooja corner

If you ask them what their favourite corner of the house is, they would say it’s their pooja room. For their pooja room, the walls light up in a dark red colour. It also has a white jaali at the back for that extra touch of elegance.

#3: No blurred lines

Design_kitchen full view
Design_kitchen hob
Design_kitchen tall unit
Design_kitchen drawers

They were especially particular about the design of their kitchen. The brief was to have clear simple lines. They picked a modern navy blue colour for their cabinets and drawers. The rest of the kitchen was focussed in a gentle cream color and textures were only used for the wallpaper. They used a navy blue and sparkly white kitchen membrane shutter, a Kalinga countertop, and a built-in microwave to save space.


#4: Splash of colour

Design_bedroom-champagne full view
Design_bedroom champagne
Design_bedroom champagne bed

They wanted to experiment with colours for the bedrooms. For the master bedroom, they picked a beautiful bold orchid theme. The bright purple headboard is probably the first thing that would catch anyone’s eyes in the bedroom. The cream wallpaper with gold tones promotes a well-lit room with loads of space and ventilation. The wardrobes have a laminate finish and are in slate as well as champagne colour.

#5: Enhance with green

Design_green bedroom full
Design_green bedroom study and bed

For the guest bedroom, they wanted something in contrast to white and they picked green. The bottle green wallpaper with a touch of yellow helped to enhance the appearance of the room. The wardrobes sport a lovely green colour, too. The study table and storage spaces have been topped off in white.


“They were looking for a contemporary yet simple look for their house. They had a picture of what they wanted it to look like and we created it that way. It was a pleasure working with them”

– Vaidehi Mohile, Interior Designer, Livspace

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