This 3BHK at Little Earth Pune has plenty of vastu-friendly elements!

little earth pune-grey bedroom ideas-exposed brick wall designs
Graciously grey

Who livs here: Vivek & Himani Agrawal with their son Aarayav

Location: Little Earth, Pune

Size of home: 3BHK spanning 850 sq feet

Design team: Interior Designer Nirzari Deshpande & Project Manager Vishal Deshmukh

Livspace service: Full home design, excluding one bedroom

Budget: ₹₹₹₹

It is not everyday that we buy a home. Thus, when we do, it is a life-changing decision to get the right interiors for it. So Vivek and Himani Agrawal too no half measures with their brand new home at Little Earth Pune. They decided to call for the experts and opted for one of the best interior firms in Pune. Livspace designer Nirzari Deshpande has designed this home in accordance with vastu considerations, which the couple were keen on following. 

Explore this home that looks both comfortable and welcoming to get inspiring design ideas. 

Sweet & Simple at Little Earth Pune

The couple opted for a simple foyer without too many frills. Nirzari has installed a low-height shoe cabinet here that doubles up as a bench.

little earth pune-foyer design ideas
Sweet & simple
Beige Beauty at Little Earth Pune

Their living area is a mix of neutral colours. The fabric sofa is light brown in colour that matches the wallpaper from the Livspace catalogue that covers the media wall. Their entertainment unit is a simple affair; its floating design saves space and brown laminate finish gives it a natural look. The highlights of the living area are the pendant lights and ceiling treatment with a bit of brown, which also happens to be Vivek’s favourite design element in his apartment.

Clean & Minimal at Little Earth Pune

Vivek and Himani wanted to retain their existing dining set for the time being so Nirzari kept the dining space as simple as possible. However, she has left plenty of room for customisation and decoration here. She has used the large window to let in as much light as possible and the ceiling has a rounded false ceiling detail with a touch of brown to match the living area.

Blazing Reds at Little Earth Pune

Vivek and Himani were very particular about ensuring that their kitchen is vastu-friendly. Thus, Nirzari has used shades of fiery red and yellows, colours that represent agni (fire) and stoke hunger. The parallel kitchen has blazing red base cabinets in laminate finish and white wall cabinets contrasted with a black granite countertop. The backsplash has a feast of mustard yellow Moroccan tiles. 

 little earth pune-red kitchen designs

“Our experience of working with the design team in Pune was quite awesome. Our designer, Nirzari, was very creative and competent. The work was done to match our expectations. I would definitely recommend Livspace to my friends and family if they are looking for end-to-end home interiors.”
Vivek Agrawal, Livspace Homeowner

Holy Crimson at Little Earth Pune

As Vivek and Himani are particular about following the tenets of vastu, they wanted their pooja room to be in the northeast corner of their home. Nirzari converted a niche provided for a wash basin in the living room into their pooja corner and dressed it in a bright shade of crimson. The pooja corner has a backlit laser-cut panel with om inscribed on it, and it is painted white with duco paint. The storage underneath the altar is a modular piece from from our catalogue.

pooja room designs-red pooja room designs
A pooja niche
pooja room designs-red pooja corner designs
Blazing red
Restful Greys at Little Earth Pune

The couple’s bedroom is a feast of graceful greys that have a calming effect on this space. The bed, with its striking grey headboard, is from our catalogue. The exposed brick wallpaper is also picked from our Experience Centre in Pune. The ceiling in this room too has a grey panel that helps maintain continuity of design. As whites go very well with greys, the sliding wardrobe and dresser have white laminate finish. This is Vivek and Himani’s favourite space in their new home due to the serenity that it offers.

Cheery Vibes at Little Earth Pune

The couple has a toddler, Aayarav, who is just edging towards his second birthday, and his room is a riot of colours. We love the fresh lime green walls and the pop of orange coming from the two-toned sliding wardrobe. Aayarav’s bunk bed is a convertible piece from our catalogue that can be assembled into two single beds. And the false ceiling in this room as clouds in it. How cute is that!

“Vivek and Himani were very enthusiastic about their new home and provided valuable personal inputs. Working with them was sheer pleasure!”
– Nirzari Deshpande, Interior Designer, Livspace

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