The top interior designers in Mumbai crafts a home that’s dressed to impress!

An open kitchen creates an airy and spacious setting

Who livs here: Aniket Paswan and his wife Komal Sharma

Location: Aspen Park, Cama Industrial Estate, Mumbai

Size of home: 2BHK spanning 600 sq ft

Design team: Interior designer Subair Merchant

Livspace service: Full home design

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

“A home that feels homely,” that’s how Aniket Paswan and his wife Komal Sharma described their dream interiors to us. After living in a rented home for seven years, Aniket knew exactly what he wanted for his swanky new abode in Vasant Utsav society, Mumbai. “I wanted to come back home from work and feel at ease. I wanted full home interiors as well, the complete package, so I don’t have to run after several things. That’s when I approached Livspace,” he reveals in conversation with us.

A meeting with our interior designer Subair Merchant soon entailed. Now their 600 sq ft home embodies comfortable living. And it’s chic too! Subair packed in modular solutions for the living and bedrooms so that everything is easy and low on maintenance as well. Here’s the tour!

Cosy & Smart Living
A chic sofa-cum-bed with a chaise

The living room is minimal at its best. Of course, the highlight is a berry-hued sofa-cum-bed with a matching chaise. Behind this is a subtle wallpaper with golden finish.

The TV unit is compact and stands in ebony laminate. For a seamless look, Subair chose a soft closing option for the drawers. We love how the TV is mounted several inches off the floor to give the room more breathing space.

To complete the look, Aniket and Komal put in the centre table from their existing furniture as well. Notice the flooring? It’s been topped off with vinyl sheet to give it a plush and bright appearance.

Ample Storage for the Kitchen
Entertain your guests even when whipping out a meal

Since the couple was quite happy about their existing kitchen, they requested just an additional thing – more storage. As a result, Subair put in extra cabinets under the granite counter. These match exactly with the rest of the wheat oak laminate cabinets.

Top Interior Designers in Mumbai-Happy Home

“We’ve always wanted a home that was warm and welcoming, especially after having lived in a rented house for seven years. You begin to build an image of a beautiful home where you can unwind with family. That’s what we had in mind when we approached Livspace. Looking at our decorated home now, I feel our dream has come true!”

Aniket Paswan, Livspace Homeowner
Blushing Bedroom
A guest bedroom basking in sunlight

The guest bedroom is doused in soft hues. We love how the light pinkish walls bask under all the sunlight pouring into this room. While the bed is from the couple’s existing set of furniture, Subair added a wardrobe from the Livspace catalogue. The white membrane wardrobe features lofts as well for extra storage. The pop of cherry red for the drawers complements the blushing walls of this room.

Serenity Speaks
A blue cushioned headboard is the highlight of the master bedroom

The master bedroom is the couple’s favourite part of the house. Thanks to the choice of soothing colours! A cushioned headboard in blue transforms the room into an uber comfy space. It’s been mounted on a subtle floral wallpaper. The compact TV unit in laminate neatly snugs into a corner.  

The bedroom has been fitted with a sparkle white membrane wardrobe. In addition, it flaunts a dressing unit with a mirror in one end.

“Working for Mr. Aniket was a delightful experience overall. After understanding their requirements, the design went very smoothly. The clients were very much involved in the entire process and very prompt in making decisions. The best part of the entire design was adding extra cabinets under the island countertop. Since it’s an open kitchen, this step made the space more cosy.”

Subair Merchant, Interior Designer, Livspace

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