The bones of a room can make or break the design scheme. So flooring is very much a part of that initial skeleton. Thoughtfully choosing the right flooring for your home can help achieve the style you’re going for and increase its overall value. Vitrified tiles vs granite get pitted against each other due to their popularity. Here’s a rundown of how the two flooring choices fare in categories such as durability, cost and style.

Vitrified Tiles vs Granite: What are Vitrified Tiles?
Vitrified Tiles vs Granite-living room-vitrified flooring
The non-porous vitrified tiles makes cleaning up easy

Vitrified tiles are ceramic tiles that are virtually non-porous. They’re resistant to frost and water, which makes them a great choice for use outdoors.

Vitrified Tiles vs Granite: What is Granite?
Vitrified Tiles vs Granite-granite flooring-staircase
The grainy texture of granite makes it stand out

Unlike vitrified tiles, which are man made, granite is a naturally formed rock. It displays a grainy texture and comes in a variety of colours depending on the minerals that led to its formation.

Vitrified Tiles vs Granite: Drawing Comparisons
Vitrified Tiles vs Granite-TV Unit-Vitrified-display unit-floor seating
Homogeneous flooring

The artificially constructed vitrified tiles appear homogenous to the eye in pattern and colour. The naturally formed granite, on the other hand, displays unique gradations and changes in colour and pattern. 

Vitrified tiles are naturally water-resistant, but granite needs an additional layer of sealant to bring it to water-resistant levels. However, granite looks with its rich colours and grander finish. 

When deciding on what to pick between these flooring options, here are a few more factors to consider:

Vitrified Tiles vs Granite: Cost

Grand as an outdoor flooring option

In comparison to granite, vitrified tiles prove themselves more economical. Moreover, factory-made vitrified tiles are available in a number of sizes. 

Granite is the more expensive of the two because its a natural stone. Since granite is so heavy, it often needs a subflooring for support.

Vitrified Tiles vs Granite: Durability

vitrified tile-kitchen flooring-acrylic kitchen
Water-resistant tiles are the perfect kitchen flooring option!

Vitrified tiles are strong and resistant to water, frost and spills– this means there’s no need to worry about the growth of bacteria. They also hold up well under harsh sunlight and don’t fade. However, vitrified tiles do need extra care to prevent flaking; heavy objects falling on the surface may cause chips dents that can’t be filled in.

Granite stands the test of time even after heavy use. Moreover, it is one of the hardest natural stones as we know it. When sealed, it becomes highly resistant to stains, heat, acids and water, making it a smart choice for bathrooms and kitchens. However, the surface tends to become quite slippery when wet and is extremely tough, both of which could lead to injuries if someone falls. 

Vitrified Tiles vs Granite: Style

Vitrified Tiles Vs Granite-Staircase-granite patterns
Subtle texture adds to the grandeur

Vitrified tiles present a uniform surface in terms of colour and hue. This means achieving an evenly coloured surface is easier. Since its artificially made, there is a lot more variety in pattern, texture and warmth. 

However, the natural inflexions in granite stand out and become a unique focal point. While the colour palette might be limited, the mix of minerals in the surface adds subtle texture. 

In the end, the winner of the vitrified tiles vs granite battle depends on what look you’re going for. Granted, vitrified tiles are the more economical of the two, but granite gives off luxe appeal that can’t be beaten!

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