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Picture Credit: Anuja Kambli

Who livs here: Charudatta Dedhe with his wife Vrushali and 16-year-old son Arijeet

Location: Dosti Imperia, Thane West, Mumbai

Size: 3 bedroom apartment spanning 1,760 sq ft

Design team: Interior designer Tejashree Hamav and project manager Sachin Satam

Livspace service: Full home design

Budget: ₹₹₹₹

Having been used to spacious interiors during their seven-year stay in Gurgaon, the Dedhes were delighted to move into their own home in Mumbai, which was just as roomy. In the city of dreams, large homes are a rarity, and their massive 17th floor apartment with a 270 degree, jaw-dropping view of the outdoors was nothing short of a dream (home) come true.

Livspace designer Tejashree Hamav knew that the interiors had to be just as gorgeous. With equal parts of practical and creative elements, each room was designed to stay true to its occupant. The result is a delicious merging of styles, colors and personalities the Dedhes now fondly call home.

Mumbai interior designMumbai interior design

The traditional, wood-carved swing stands out beautifully from the sea of blues. Floral accent chairs and plants bring organic movement.

The balconies are one of Charudatta’s favourite spot at home, what with the splendid view of the sky above. Tejashree decided to give a home in the clouds feel to the living room by styling it in soothing hues of blue, white and grey.

She created an enriching vignette by interlocking several elements — a mesmerizing tiffany blue wallpaper, snow white 3D panels around the TV and a sleek glass unit filled with pebbles and bamboo plants for a natural touch. The Dedhes were looking forward to a theme that steered clear from traditional wood finishes and this worked out perfectly in their favor!

For Charudatta, the swing is the icing on the cake. “Everyone at home wants to sit there all the time. It’s like we’re playing a game of musical swing instead of musical chairs,” he quips.

Mumabi interor design

A large mirror opens up the foyer that uses the same wallpaper for a cohesive look. The simple, comfortable dining area beautifully offsets plush forms in the living room.

With an impressive arrangement of LED lights on the ceiling, Tejashree effortlessly gave the living room a calm, dreamy ambiance. A wooden panel, interspersed with lights, was added to subtly demarcate the living from the dining area. This combined with the bracket lights on the walls gracefully highlights the varied textures used in the room.

Mumbai interior designinterior design livspace Mumabi interor design

The Balinese-inspired master bedroom uses an elegant, muted wallpaper, giving plenty of scope for the furniture to take center stage.

In the master bedroom, things take a turn towards the traditional. Frequent travels to Spain had instilled in Charudatta a love for their architecture. Tejashree opted for a Balinese theme, the closest style that would work well for their Mumbai home.

Every single detail, such as the bed’s button-tufted regent headboard, inbuilt handles in the wardrobe and floor to ceiling pelmet styled in delectable browns, was carefully chosen keeping the theme in mind.

Mumabi interor design

A simple workstation with ample space for a laptop and other essentials is perfect for Charudatta who frequently works out of home

Mumbai interior design Mumbai interior design

With a dash of ochre yellow, this resplendent white kitchen boasts a neat, happy appearance

The vibrant kitchen instantly strikes a chord with Vrushali, a musical teacher by profession, who loves cooking and baking. With a white backdrop, there is plenty of scope for styling the large kitchen with fancy utensils, cookware and accent pieces.

Unlike the other rooms, the kitchen has a stark, modern character made complete with profile handle drawers and glass-paneled cabinets.

Mumbai interior designMumbai interior design

Arijeet’s room is styled in famed football club FC Barcelona’s colors and promises to set any fan’s heart racing

Tejashree proudly asserts that it was Arijeet’s room designs that convinced the family to work with Livspace. A national level football player himself, Arijeet is a huge fan of the football club FC Barcelona. Tejashree ensured that the room was styled with the right hues of blue and red.

Glass panels were used on the cupboards here as well to bring out the richness of the hues. A modular study unit, complete with cabinets and shelves gives plenty of scope for organizing.

When we asked Charudatta if he worried that Arijeet might outgrow his love for football, he laughs and confidently recounts the days when his grandfather used to play football for India during the British era. Seems like love for the sport runs in the family.

Mumabi interor design

My clients had a basic idea of what they wanted but they struggled with how to bring the different elements together. With a bit of brainstorming, we settled for a design that had a mix of different themes and colors. Now, they just can’t stop gushing over the house and I’m so happy for them. 

– Tejashree Hamav, Livspace Interior Designer

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