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Which Flooring is Ideal for Pets?

Which Flooring is Ideal for Pets?

Considering maintenance & wear and tear.

aditya world city_cover

Compact & Clutter-free 2BHK at Aditya World City

Home to two dogs, one cat and their hoomans.

Insta-ready & Pet-friendly Vacation Home

Insta-ready & Pet-friendly Vacation Home

The getaway home that breathes calm into your life.

Pet proof your home

Pet Proofing Your Home In Easy Ways

Getting a pet is a tough decision to make, but you can’t deny how much happiness they bring. They’re family to you so it’s essential you make your home a safe haven for your pets. Certain kinds of furniture, windows, and even material can be harmful to your furry buddies. It would be a good … Continue reading


Get A Cat-tastic Home In 5 Simple Ways

If you are a cat parent who also loves a beautiful home, we have just the perfect solution for all your catification problems. If your cat won’t stop scratching your furniture and tearing out your couch, or is simply grouchy like Garfield, it’s probably because your home isn’t cat-tastic enough. For the uninitiated, ‘catifiy’ was … Continue reading