A lovely combination of invigorating and soothing palettes, this home invites you to a repose.

3BHK interiors bangalore parents' room

Who livs here: Dharmakanth Todurkar with his wife Ashwini Gaonkar and mother

Location: An apartment in Renaissance Woods, Jalahalli, Bengaluru

Size: A 3BHK home spanning 1,400 sq.ft.

Design team: Interior Designer Iesha Parekh with Project Manager Prathap Kumar N

Livspace service: Full Home Design

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city and surrounded by a serene reserve forest, the Renaissance Woods provides a pleasant hideout to those who seek a break. Dharmakanth Todurkar and his wife Ashwini Gaonkar wanted the same tranquillity to reverberate in their home.

3BHK interiors bangalore

Thus their Livspace designer, Iesha Parekh, took a cue from this to create a beautiful haven with cool tones and a reviving ambience. A picturesque view mingled with a pacifying interior makes this home an intriguing abode.

A Sleek Design

3BHK interiors bangalore

Muted tones meet the eye in the foyer (left), alluring visitors and passersby alike. A handy storage for all knick-knacks and shoes, the place appears neat and trim. In contrast to this, a TV unit with warm wooden finish has been added.

Plush and Comfy

3BHK interiors bangalore

The same tones extend to the living room to fill the space with an airy and bright demeanour. A plush sofa, a tufted bench and a nested coffee table make for the best seats during a gathering.

3BHK interiors bangalore

A sleek and smart design for the TV unit occupies the opposite wall and gives the room a tinge of warmth. The panelling conceals the tangle of wires, giving the room a seamless look.

3BHK interiors bangalore

Designed to meet the space constraint at home, Iesha made sure each element has its own zone and created clean zones for movement. The result was a beautiful and streamlined look.

A Rustic Touch

3BHK interiors bangalore

The other side of the room has a compact yet beautiful dining set up with mismatched upholstery giving it a quirky effect. The incandescent bulbs and the wooden rafters contribute to its rustic, cafe-like vibe.

3BHK interiors bangalore

The couple wanted a spacious home and the furniture is placed well to ensure an undisturbed flow. The balcony window acts as a wonderful gateway to let sunlight and air into the room.

An Ounce of Divinity

3BHK interiors bangalore

The wooden rafters were extended to give the pooja corner an elegant twist. The trick worked so well that it mesmerises every guest with its appearance.

Bright and Bold

3BHK interiors bangalore

The kitchen is enchanting with the navy blue hues mixed with light grey velvet wall cabinets and pretty painted tiles. An unusual combination that many people steer clear from, it left the couple delighted!

3BHK interiors bangalore

Bewitching and eclectic, reminiscent of the Jewish synagogue in Fort Kochi, the hand-painted tiles add a graceful look to the kitchen. The different patterns enrapture the onlooker’s gaze.

3BHK interiors bangalore

Cooking can be effortless with plenty of easily accessible storage options. This includes cutlery units, bottle and spice pull-outs, pantry unit and tandem drawers. The soft-close mechanism eases the effort and makes sure there is less damage to the cabinets.

Hall of Fame

3BHK interiors bangalore

The passage that connects the common rooms with the bedrooms is beautified with lanterns and a Victorian clock. The parallel walls are the best background to hang paintings and pictures.

Snugly Abode

3BHK interiors bangalore

Minimal furniture with lovely details like the chevron headboard and white imprints on the storage make it an appealing space to unwind. Sending out a cosy invite, it cocoons you in your comfort zone.

3BHK interiors bangalore wardrobe

A simple champagne finish adorns the twin two-door wardrobes that brandish mirrors for easy dressing. Occupying less floor space and giving ample storage with lofts, this design is ideal to bring a spacious feel to the room.

Graceful and Chic

3BHK interiors bangalore

The patterned wallpaper matches the wooden tones of the room, making it rather glamorous. A window seat adds to the cheery atmosphere and is a perfect spot to enjoy a book and cup of coffee. Soothing to the eye and elegant in look, the room was perfect for  Dharmakanth’s mother.

3BHK interiors bangalore

Another champagne wardrobe, sleek and handy, blends into the theme of the room.

Binge on Entertainment

3BHK interiors bangalore

Two sleek wardrobes work as a frame for the TV unit and stylish drawers bridge the gap to complete the look. The design makes the room look spacious because of its compact nature.

3BHK interiors bangalore

The room also holds a niche with staggered shelves to showcase their travel trinkets. It is a favourite spot for the couple to spend some quality time watching their favourite shows.

“The couple had a framework in mind, yet were open to changes to make it aesthetically appealing. This made the process smooth and easy.”

— Iesha Parekh, Livspace Interior Designer

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