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How to Get an Estimate for Your 2BHK Interior Design: A Step by Step Cost Guide

From factors that affect the 2BHK interior design cost to real Livspace homes that cover different budgets, this easy guide will help you plan your 2BHK design


Vastu for South-Facing House: Tips and Remedies for a South-Facing House

Worried about whether your south-facing house has vastu doshas? We’ve got some simple vastu remedies for you to try out.

17 Important Things to Know About Your East-Facing House Vastu Plan

17 Important Things to Know About Your East-Facing House Vastu Plan

Take a look at all the important dos and don’ts, you never knew about an east-facing house vastu plan.


8 Vastu Tips for Every Room in Your North-Facing Home

From ideal vastu placements to must-know dos and don’ts, this comprehensive list will ensure that you’re getting the most out of your north-facing home


CNC Cutting Design: A Complete Guide With Stunning CNC Jali Design Ideas

This guide will help you understand everything about CNC cutting design


Difference Between Engineered Wood and Solid Wood: Which Is Better for Furniture?

Find out how factors like budget, durability, maintenance, ease-of-installation or repair, and climate can influence your choice between engineered wood and solid wood


Acrylic or Laminate: Which Is the Best Finish for Your Kitchen Cabinets?

The ultimate lowdown on features and affordability


10+ Tips on How to Choose Curtains for Living Room: Stunning Drapes for Windows

If you are wondering how to choose curtains for living room and other rooms, this guide will help you. Happy shopping!


How to Prevent Dampness in Walls? Top Dampness Solutions for Your Home

Prevent dampness in walls, and enjoy rainy day chai and pakoras in peace!


10+ Types of Sofa Materials and How to Pick the Right One

Aim for great looks as well as the durability

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