No fuss, just everything fabulous in this simple living room

Who Livs here: Lisa Thomas with husband Bejoy, daughters Samaara and Saira and father-in-law

Location: Greenwood layout, Chikka Bellandur Road, Varthur Hobli, Bangalore

Size of home: 3000 sq. ft.

Design team: Interior designer Tanvir Kohli with project manager Pankaj Chandak

Livspace service: Full home design

Budget: ₹₹₹₹

Every home is special. Whether you’ve lived in one or four, your living spaces stay with you long after you’ve left them. But no home is more special than your first home in a new city.

Having spent most of their lives in Delhi, the Thomas were ecstatic about moving into their newly bought villa in Bangalore’s famed Greenwood layout — a community with 24 villas with young, like-minded people from all over the country.

Designing and styling a two-storey home can be a daunting task and Lisa knew she needed professional help. One visit to our touch-and-feel experience center put all her worries to rest and Lisa instantly engaged Livspace interior designer Tanvir as her design magician.

Simple Bangalore interior design_living room balcony view
Cool blue and green tones of the floor-to-ceiling drapes beautifully balance the earthy colours of the furniture

As you enter the quaint villa, a sense of calm encompasses you. Amply padded beige sofas paired with wooden centre tables make this space so inviting. The Thomas frequently have family visiting them and Tanvir threw in a mix of single and two-seater sofas so that everyone has a spot to sit at, for catch-ups and conversations.

Large windows and doors let in plenty of natural light. Tanvir added a reflective false ceiling outfitted with warm cove lights so that the space looks bright and happy throughout the day and night.

An eye-catching accent chair rests pretty in the corner of the living room with a uniquely shaped bookshelf for company

For the family of avid readers, this is easily the favourite corner of their new Livspace home. Multiple shelves provide plenty of scope to keep everyone’s preferred genres organized neatly.

Bright bites, dim lights – a dining sanctuary
A customized crockery unit and a pair of cabinets help stock frequently used items right next to the dining area

Simple Bangalore interior design_infobox
Pendant lights help set the mood for fun, laid-back mealtimes

Lisa loves the fact that her home gets a lot of natural light via huge French windows and doors. The dining room is no exception. A sleek glass-top wooden dining table and ash grey dining chairs were chosen to match the furniture in the living room for a cohesive effect.

Kitchen dreams on a budget? Look no further!
Membrane finish gloss white cabinets as well as the granite countertop and backsplash make this modular kitchen easy to maintain

Lisa loves baking and cooking and her girls love helping their mum in the kitchen. This is precisely why Lisa and her husband wanted this space to be well-equipped so they could cook up a storm together.

Tanvir added plenty of handy modules in the kitchen like bottle pullouts, Leman’s corner unit, deep Blum drawers for storing cutlery as well and large utensils. The tall unit with a built-in microwave and oven comes in handy whenever they decide to bake something crazy!

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A splash of green in the girls’ bedroom feels so refreshing
Tiny tornado? Hide the chaos in chic white wardrobes

Making the most of available space becomes a priority, especially in a shared kids’ room. Lisa wanted the kids to enjoy the maximum play area in their room. A bunk bed, wall-mounted study corner and ottoman with storage were included in the design plan and it worked like a charm.

A series of cabinets are positioned above the study corner to keep books and stationery

Bedroom bloom boom: Yellow florals for happy vibes
Ochre hued drapes and a floral wallpaper adorn the father-in-law’s room

With a warm shade of yellow, this room uplifts the spirits. Wooden accents and leatherette accent chairs go beautifully with the theme. A bed with an upholstered back makes reading or resting upright a relaxing experience.

A bronze membrane finish wardrobe with mirror panelling, niches on either side of the bed and the panel above take care of storage needs in the master bedroom
Sweet dreams start with a simple, chic bedroom design

Wall mounted lamps illuminate the master bedroom dreamily during the evenings while playing up the cerused details of the accent wall. Just like every other room in the villa, this space gets plenty of natural light as well. Wooden flooring adds to the warmth of this cosy space.

Meet the family

“Despite having busy work schedules, Lisa and Bejoy were actively involved in the design process from start to finish and that made it an enjoyable experience.”

– Tanvir Kohli, Livspace interior designer

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