Things are getting pricier and homes are getting smaller. So, does that mean that it’s impossible to get a stunning yet compact home within a tight budget? Not at all, as proved by Naveen’s Bangalore 2BHK. Designed under ₹8 lacs, this 900 sq. ft. interior design for RSun Clover Apartment was completed in only 1 month! These 15 stunning photos will give you a virtual tour of this elegant home.

Who Livs here: Naveen with his family
Location: RSun Clover, Doddakannelli, Bangalore
Size of home: A 2BHK spanning 900 sq. ft. approx.
Design team: Interior Designer Sai Amogha and Project Manager Nagaraj K
Livspace service: Kitchen, wardrobe and storage
Budget: ₹₹


To design a compact and storage-intensive home within a tight budget

What We Loved
The kitchen and TV unit that give the home a Scandinavian feel and a lively ambience

Look Out for
— Pop colours to elevate the space, wherever needed
— A modern-contemporary colour scheme throughout the home
— The kitchen with a minimal breakfast counter
— Maximum storage throughout the space

Biggest Indulgence
The kitchen with its space-saving hardware

Smart Buy
The TV unit

So, you must be wondering, “What did the homeowners want?” Due to the compact size of their RSun Clover apartment in Bangalore, the family wanted a 2BHK interior design that would make their home look more spacious. At the same time, maximum storage was a must, considering they have a growing child. Browse through these photos to find out how we did it.

#1: A Fun and Space-Efficient Living Room

A pop of blue in an otherwise white room

What an interesting false ceiling! Also, the colourful curtains add a dose of visual interest without disturbing the calm ambience of the space.

Sleek and simple wins the race!

A white TV unit can complement any colour palette. So, if you choose to repaint your home, you can do so without changing your TV unit’s design fundamentals.

Shelves create extra space for storage

Use the shelves as excellent display units.

The Problem

The living room in this 2BHK flat design for RSun Clover, Bangalore was quite compact and almost looked cluttered.

The Solution

Designer Sai Amogha chose a white theme, to make the room look more open and spacious. To elevate the look, she added some pops of blue and yellow in the TV unit and false ceiling.

Budget Element

The plain walls.

#2: Storage That Nevers Runs Out in the Master Bedroom

The false ceiling is the unique feature in this bedroom

The focal point of this bedroom has to be this beautiful and blue false ceiling design.

A wardrobe that offers maximum storage

The wardrobe has a mix of open and closed shelves so that you can use it in multiple ways.

A wardrobe with dresser unit is a good option when space is scarce

Interesting use of space for the dresser, isn’t it?

An all-white minimal look is perfect for small flats

White tends to work very well with wooden pattens and touches.

The Problem

The homeowners wanted maximum storage in the master bedroom interior design for RSun Clover apartment. Also, they wanted swing wardrobes, in an otherwise compact bedroom.

The Solution

Firstly, Sai Amogha continued with the white theme in this 2BHK interior design for a master bedroom in RSun Clover, Bangalore.

This made the space look bigger. She also added a mirror on the wardrobe, a simple trick that creates the illusion of space. To make space for storage, we gave them a three-door wardrobe with lofts.

The dresser with floating shelves and gold handles on the wardrobes break the monotony of the space.

Budget Element

A swing wardrobe is more cost-effective than a sliding one.

#3: Ample Space for Your Growing Toddlers in This Interior Design for RSun Clover Apartment

A minimal space-saving wardrobe design

A mirror helps create the illusion of more space, thereby making your room appear bigger.

A pop of yellow adds a playful touch to your little one’s space

Break up the monotony of white with a single colour like this home does!

Some space for toys

When the little ones grow up, they can use the open shelves to display other stuff.

The Problem

The kids’ room in this 2BHK flat design for RSun Clover Bangalore had to be spacious enough for a growing child, despite being compact.

The Solution

Sai Amogha, our designer, has kept the furniture in this room to bare minimum to ensure there is ample space for a child to move around and play. The kids’ room in this RSun Clover flat interior design in Bangalore only has a foldable study table and a wardrobe. Additionally, the mirror on the wardrobe creates the illusion of space. Also, the entire room is again done up in white to create an airy look, while pops of yellow add a touch of fun.

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Budget Element

A multifunctional wardrobe with space for display and storage.

#4: Scandinavian Kitchen Interior Design for RSun Clover Apartment in Bengaluru!

Design continuity is maintained between the living room and kitchen through the colour blue

See how beautifully the living room design flows into the kitchen.

Breakfast for one, please!

Ah! Meet one of the happiest additions to the kitchen: a peninsula.

Compact can also be beautiful!

Small isn’t ugly. Neither is it a bad idea.

Colours define the vibe of a space

It maintains the white colour palette of the rest of the room.

Notice how the countertop was designed to create space for the dishwasher

Such a small kitchen packs in even the dishwasher. This is what happens when you utilise space well.

The Problem

Although the kitchen in this 2BHK interior design for RSun Clover apartment was quite small, Naveen and his family wanted space for a breakfast counter and a dishwasher. They also wanted a Scandinavian theme for this space.

The Solution

Firstly, to make the small kitchen look bigger, Sai Amogha went with a white theme that also fit in with the Scandinavian design style. Secondly, she added some open units to help declutter the space. To accommodate Naveen’s requirements, she added a minimal breakfast counter for one and created space under the countertop to fit in their dishwasher.

Budget Element

Laminate and MDF cabinetry.

This 2BHK interior design for RSun Clover apartment in Bangalore is a lesson on how to design a compact space within a budget.

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