Stunning modern small apartment design in Mumbai.

A blue-tiful floral bedroom

Who Livs here: Moiz with his wife and two daughters

Location: Burj Burhan, Mumbai

Size of home: 2BHK spanning 1000 sq ft approx.

Design team: Interior Designer Shweta Lavti with Project Manager Naresh Bees

Livspace service: Full home design

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

When Moiz approached Livspace to do up his home, his main priority was having a unique colour palette for each room. Thus, the interior designer, Shweta Lavti worked in reverse and chose the colours before getting into the functional nitty-gritties of the design.

The home is all about colour, space-saving ideas and elegant designs. Spring colours paired with wooden tones and matched with elegant decor and lighting make this home a stunning abode to live in. Despite its compact size, the designer was able to pull off a cheery ambience by retaining white walls and a clutter-free design.

Modern small apartment design #1: Minimalist yet elegant

Ditch the mess for the jaali shoe rack

The foyer is mostly a simple setup with minimal furniture but the jali design turns it into an elegant place! Wooden tones give the space warmth and cosiness. What better way to welcome guests?

One space and endless foyer fusion

A niche at the end of the foyer was converted into a wardrobe to maximise storage. However, a jali panel was added to make it beautiful and handle-less drawers were given. This draws attention and camouflages the storage.

Modern small apartment design #2: Spacious while space-saving

Said goodbye to boring: hello to a modern sanctuary

The living room is done up with minimal furniture — a comfy Chesterfield couch and two leaf-printed accent chairs. This gives the room a spacious and airy look.

TV time, but made it rustic with wooden charm

The wall opposite the couch is accentuated with a stunning 3D board contrasted with a strip of black back-painted glass. The mahogany finish is used for the TV unit, makeshift dining and doors to give it a cosy feel.

Snuggle station alert!

Since the family prefers to be seated on the floor during their meals, an elevated platform was given for the purpose. Put on a carpet and throw in some cushions and comfortable seating is ready in minutes!

Nifty thrifty dining: table down, smiles up!

However, the elderly who can’t sit on the floor needed some space as well. Thus, a niche was converted into a pull-down dining table with a sliding door concealing the storage space. The family stores the quilts, and carpets used for seating in this space.

Modern small apartment design #3: Colour charm

The kitchen has a cheerful look with a bright Marigold finish paired with slate grey. A great mix complemented by a beautiful backsplash with kaleidoscope-like patterns. The parallel kitchen is not just beautiful, it features ample storage including overhead lofts.

Equipped with the kitchen superheroes: tall units, pull-outs, and cutlery units!

It is impressive how this compact kitchen packs so much storage with efficient accessories like tall units, pull-outs, cutlery units and more. Yet, Shweta was able to pull this off and make space for a refrigerator and a washing machine in the kitchen.

Modern small apartment design #4: Tantalising tones

Teal, floral, and bedroom magic combined!

The master bedroom design has a refreshing note with turquoise and white. We love how the balance is impeccable and creates a beautiful ambience to relax in. Shweta used furnishings, the panelled headboard, and back-painted glass to induce turquoise to the room. She even chose to paint the pendant light a shade of turquoise to match the milieu.

TV units in the bedroom are the ultimate millennial goal

Aesthetics is just one aspect that captures attention. The room also features a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe with drawers at the bottom to access effortlessly. A sleek TV unit blends into the setting with a linear shelf to house the accessories.

Modern small apartment design #5: Pretty & poised

Pretty purples, anyone?
Bad dreams fly away with this butterfly headboard

The kids’ room for his two lovely daughters is done up in purple and salmon pink shades. A cosy bed with a custom-made butterfly headboard in faux suede, a three-door wardrobe, a study and ample storage fit into the room seamlessly.

Fluttering into focus: a stylish study setup

The study is compact with sufficient storage and a whiteboard for the girls.

Flutter and flair: the perfect wardrobe for your little butterfly

The butterfly theme gives it a cheerful mood and adorns every surface including the ceiling. The wardrobe with mirror shutters acts as a dresser for the little ones.

“Moiz wanted the home to look vibrant with a unique look for each room. The end result is as desired and looks spacious given the compact size.”

— Shweta Lavti, Interior Designer, Livspace

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