A Crescent Bay Parel home that defines indi chic! 

Soft and serene

Who livs here: Pragnya, her mother, her grandmother, and their pet dog
Location: Crescent Bay, Parel, Mumbai
Size of home: 3BHK spanning 1,200 sq ft
Design team: Interior designer Rajvi Shah and Project Manager Mayuri Gawde
Livspace service: Full home design
Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

A beautiful home will always make you feel excited to come back to at the end of the day. This particular one in Lower Parel, Mumbai is one such example. Pragnya’s new address at Crescent Bay is soothing to the eye. The 3BHK stunner crafted by Rajvi Shah is all about cosy vibes and comfy nooks wrapped in an Indi chic design – true to Pragnya’s requirements.

The entrepreneur who lives with her mother, grandmother and their beloved pet dog wanted a low-maintenance home as well. After all, with a furry member, all their interiors had to be easy to take care of. We also love all the quirky elements that make this home one of a kind. Let’s take a look-see!

A foyer to remember
A soothing entryway

We know first impressions are everything. And this home won our hearts right at the entrance! Pragnya didn’t want the kitchen to be the first thing people would see in her home. As a result, Rajvi decided to combine style and functionality and put in a massive storage cabinet with a wide niche to display Buddha under a spotlight. We love the sleuth look of the unit that looks like a wall panel! Opposite this is a subtle wallpaper with gold-toned mouldings. 

Indi living at Crescent Bay, Parel

The living room is dressed up in quirky elements. From the corner open shelves to the elephant-themed armchairs, there’s something to always enthrall you. The powder blue divan, beige two-seater sofa and white coffee table in combination adds to the softness of the room. In addition, the mounted laminate TV unit fits in beautifully into the space. 

Statement dining at Crescent Bay, Parel
Metallic accent clock

The dining space is not just about having meals together. It’s also about conversations and having an experience. A concept that holds true at this home as well. We love how the parrot-inspired light fixtures that hangs from a patch of false ceiling over the dining table instantly grabs your attention. The marble table top paired with powder blue upholstered chairs and a bench as well to complement the open layout. You can have a glimpse of the pooja room through the jali here since the family wanted it to be seen from around the home. You could also see the false ceiling with cove lights through the passage to the bedrooms.

Pretty divine nook at Crescent Bay, Parel

The pooja room in their home has been designed with great care. While it features ample storage from the lofts and drawers beneath, the wall panel is what catches your eye. The laminate unit has been fitted with marble inlay for “Ohm” and dressed in laser cutwork, resulting in a gorgeous divine spot. The marble table top and elegant chandelier complete the look. 


Patterned pop at Crescent Bay, Parel

Clutter-free and low on maintenance? This kitchen is all that and more! Since the family decided to retain the granite countertop, Rajvi revolved the design around that. And she kept the focal point on the newly done up patterned wall tiles in blue and white.

Pragnya’s grandmother was particular about the kitchen being easy to handle and maintain. As a result, she put in white and wood-toned upper and lower cabinets in laminate. In addition, she put in plenty of drawers with a soft close option to keep it elder-friendly, a roller shutter for electrical appliances and wicker baskets for groceries. Also, the profile lighting under the overhead units and elegant false ceiling certainly brighten up the kitchen. 

Sunkissed bedroom at Crescent Bay, Parel

Pragnya loves to curl up with a book. As a result, the focal point of her bedroom is the massive unit behind the bed with closed shelves on either side to keep her books, plants and other favourites. In addition, two stretchable lamps have also been fitted. We especially love the pop of a subtle wallpaper in the middle of the unit! Moreover, it also features lighting around its borders. The navy blue tufted headboard adds a touch of glam as well. While the TV unit and chest of drawers are in PU finish, the sliding wardrobe has laminate frames and glass panels. 

Plush & warm bedroom at Crescent Bay, Parel

The cosy vibe runs through the second bedroom as well for Pragnya’s mother and grandmother. Two separate beds share a tan headboard. Right above it, two pendant lights have been fitted on either side. A subtle floral wallpaper makes the perfect backdrop for the bedroom. 

Notice the lower end of the bed? This has been specially done up to avoid accidentally hurting your toes against the end of the bed. Smart, isn’t it? 

In addition, a sliding wardrobe with laminate frames and back painted glass panels offers ample storage. Beside it stands a grey chest of drawers to stash other essentials.

Reader’s cove at Crescent Bay, Parel

This particular room will make you want to cuddle up with a book. Starting with the wooden rafters that line up the ceiling to the polished wooden flooring, the study room basks in warm colours. Also, we love how the MDF walls have been cleverly painted to look like white exposed brick walls. The pop of olive from the sofa-cum-bed plays match with the open shelves on top. 

The study nook is kept sleek with laminate and PU finish for the table, cabinets, and running shelf. Our favourite part of the home? The dedicated space for reading of course! Done up with all-round shelves, spotlights and a lone bed, this nook is cosy and comfy as it comes.

“Designing this home was very special since it was for three women. I love how all the homely and quirky details came together in the end!”

Rajvi Shah, Interior Designer, Livspace

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