Almost all Indian households will have a pooja room – a well-known fact! Pooja rooms, especially ones with doors, play a vital role in welcoming divine energies. So, before we show you some modern pooja room door designs, here is why the pooja room door is so important.

Importance of Having a Pooja Room Door as per Vastu

Pristine and divine

There is no room as essential as your pooja room for maintaining happiness and harmony in your home. Vastu shastra establishes certain guidelines which can help you design your pooja room door the right way.

But why does the pooja room door play such a vital role? According to vastu, the deity inside the pooja room can take on a human form. So, just like human beings need privacy, the idols also require a private space. Also, a pooja room door wards away insects and negativity.

Whether you believe in Vastu or not, a pooja room is incomplete without a door. So, here’s a list of stunning modern pooja room door designs that are perfect for contemporary apartments.

Modern pooja room door designs #1: Glass door with wooden frames

A mix of modern and traditional

Traditional and modern need not be opposites, as proved by this stunning mandir! Pooja room door designs with glass and wood look so chic! Wood, as a material, looks elegant and timeless, which makes it a popular choice for pooja room doors. This mandir, with its wooden and glass door, jaali work and pyramid roof is the epitome of beauty!

What is the modern element?

A complete wooden door would be a traditional choice. Instead, the combination of glass doors with wooden frames makes this pooja unit perfect for modern homes.

Modern pooja room door designs #2: Wood doors with intricate carvings

Grandeur at its finest glory

Wood with intricate carvings – not a very common choice for modern pooja room door designs? Most often seen in ancient temples, doors with carvings have a classic charm to them! But will they look good in contemporary homes? A big yes! Every Indian house, no matter how modern, longs for a traditional element.This pooja room design has two doors, which is auspicious as per Vastu shastra.

What is the modern element?

The outer doors with heavy carvings are quite traditional. To keep it balanced, the designer has kept the inner doors sliding, which adds a modern touch. 

Modern pooja room door designs #3: Wood doors with tiny bells

Ring in those holy vibes!

If you’re looking for a small pooja room door design, you must bookmark this look! Most modern apartments do not have space for a large pooja room. This type of compact mandir unit is a perfect fit for urban flats. The jaali door with tiny bells is the perfect balance of modern and ethnic.

What is the modern element?

The colour of the unit! White looks modern and chic. And the best part? It is also a vastu-approved shade.

Modern pooja room door designs #4: Convenient collapsible doors

For small mandirs

But what if you have a compact apartment with no space for extra doors? Collapsible doors to the rescue! If space is scarce, you can fit in a small pooja unit in a nook and keep the area private with the help of a collapsible door.

What is the modern element?

White jaali with a wooden frame gives this pooja room door a contemporary look.

Modern pooja room door designs #5: Jaali design doors

The timeless beauty of jaali!

Who doesn’t love jaali?! Especially for modern pooja room door designs, jaali is a popular choice. Jaali can be as expensive or cost-effective as you want, depending on the material. A timeless option, jaali never goes out of style!

What is the modern element?

The jaali design in itself is a modern and smart look!

Modern pooja room door designs #6: Reeded glass doors

Reeded glass doors help in maintaining privacy

Most people choose wood and jaali for their mandir door designs. While these are charming choices, they don’t really have the glamour of glass. Glass doors for a pooja room are a unique but trendy choice. Don’t like the lack of privacy? Opt for reeded or frosted glass.

What is the modern element?

The glass door is reeded, which gives it a chic and fun look.

Modern pooja room door designs #7: A hand carved Ganesha

Simply stunning!

Carvings on your mandir door don’t have to be intricate and complex. If you are looking for a simple pooja room door design, look for something like this one. This free-standing pooja unit is as modern and minimal as it gets, with only a carved Ganesha showing that it’s a mandir.

What is the modern element?

The entire look of the mandir! The simple style, woody tones and Ganesha carving keep it minimal.

Modern pooja room door designs #8: Carved wooden doors

A timeless look

Carved doors are gorgeous – no wonder we keep coming back to them! When the look you want to achieve is a mix of modern and traditional, a carved wooden door is the most obvious choice!

What is the modern element?

Unlike normal temple door carvings, this mandir has very minimal carvings.

Pooja room door designs #9: A half door

So unique!

Looking for something unique and creative? Why not opt for a half door instead of a full one? Combined with the arch and plywood frame, the entire look is phenomenal!

What is the modern element?

The stained-glass panes on both sides are trendy and stunning!

Pooja room door designs #10: CNC cut detailing

Gorgeous and cost-effective

Modern pooja room door designs are incomplete without a CNC cut detailing one. CNC designs are cost-effective and available in a variety of patterns. Use plywood along with CNC to keep your mandir door design budget to a minimum.

What is the modern element?

The horizontal geometric pattern is so contemporary!

Pooja room door designs #11: A Mix of Wood, Glass and Jaali

A mix and match of materials!

Modern designs are all about mix and match! For instance, this mandir door design boasts a gorgeous combination of wood, glass and jaali. But how to make something like this work in a contemporary apartment? The key is to keep things balanced. Here, the glass doors with wooden frames and a jaali across the centre looks voguish without being OTT!

What is the modern element?

The glass, of course!

If you liked these modern mandir door designs, you might want to check out these affordable Indian style pooja room designs.

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