R Vijayalakshmi, a first-time homeowner from Electronic City, Bengaluru, didn’t come with hard set ideas for the interior design of her Sobha Silicon apartment. What she did have clear in her mind was the budget for the same. So, she played around a little with the work that Livspace undertook for her home. She chose Livspace to do the modular unit designs for the Sobha Silicon apartment. She was delighted to get her modular home interiors done within the budget range she had set in her mind.

At Livspace, we understand that most of you as homeowners want to remain in full control of the cost of your home interiors. That’s why we offer Livspace Vesta and Livspace Select services, where you can custom define the scope of work for your homes. We are best known for our modular furniture; we have delivered them for all our Livspace homes. Hence, here we are, with this home tour where we also break down the prices of these modular unit designs for the Sobha Silicon flat.

R Vijayalakshmi enjoying the interior design of her Sobha Silicon apartment

Who Livs here: Rajasekaran, R Vijayalakshmi and their son
Location: Sobha Silicon Oasis, Electronic City, Bengaluru
Size of home: A 3BHK spanning 1600 sq. ft. approximately
Design team: Interior designer Smitha L P and project manager Sandeep Prem Mishra
Livspace service: Full home design
Budget: ₹₹₹ 


Vijayalakshmi managed to keep design consistency in her 3BHK interior design for Sobha Silicon flat because she consulted our Livspace Designer Smitha for everything. Smitha helped her choose the colour, material and lighting scheme for the home interiors. 

Design Tip From This Interior Design for Sobha Silicon Apartment

If you are someone who is planning to opt for the Livspace Select service, then make sure you have understood the basic aspects of your design first. This will help you in selecting decor pieces that complement your existing interiors. Or, have our designers help you

Let’s take a look at Vijayalakshmi’s home interiors along with the modular unit designs for the Sobha Silicon 3BHK.

The Clean, Clever Design Ideas for the Living Room

The blue modular TV unit with grey brick wallpaper in the background

At first look, the living room is mostly warm, but a little neutralised, thanks to the use of blue in the furniture. It’s the lighting and the wooden surfaces that add warmth to this modern space. The grey brick wallpaper is a clever design element as well because it serves two purposes: it creates a smooth transition from the cool blue laminates to the warm lighting. It also gives the room an earthy texture at a reasonable price when compared to the alternatives like texture paint or faux brick panels.

A blue sectional sofa that matches with the TV unit laminates

Smitha helped Vijayalakshmi pick the furniture in accordance with the colour palette of the living room. The double layered curtains and the coffee table complement the wooden partition while the sofa and the carpet match the colour of the TV unit laminate.

The border false ceiling with warm lighting in its coves makes the ceiling appear higher

There is another steal-worthy idea from this living room: the false ceiling design. Unlike the common way in which it is installed in most homes, this false ceiling is offset a little from the walls to add cove lighting on its outer side too. Our Livspace designer Smitha suggested this to make the room appear larger than it is.

The Cost

Speaking of the price, the modular TV unit with laminate finishes like this, costs about ₹57K. This price, however, depends on the design, the type and amount of material required for it, plus the finishes, and the hardware chosen by you.

The Multi-Functional Modular Unit Design for the Dining Room

The modular crockery unit design for the Sobha Silicon 3BHK has spot lighting in the display cabinets

Believe it or not, the modular unit designs for the Sobha Silicon 3BHK, were finalised in two meetings. Since the couple were first-time homeowners, they had big dreams and little ideas for their house. But our Livspace designer Smitha quickly gauged their likes and dislikes and came up with a design that suited the family and their needs perfectly. For instance, the custom unit stores crockery and showpieces installed in this 3BHK.

While making this custom modular crockery unit design for the Sobha Silicon 3BHK, Livspace’s Smitha enjoyed the creative independence in designing the couple gave her. They were ready for new and experimental ideas and trusted Smitha with her expertise. 

The Cost

A custom unit such as this can cost ₹1.2 lakh approx, given the design, materials and finishes you use are the same as in this modular unit design for the Sobha Silicon 3BHK. This particular one, is made of MDF and glass, and finished with laminate.

The Kitchen Cabinets Design for the Sobha Silicon 3BHK

The modular kitchen cabinet design for the Sobha Silicon 3BHK is fully finished in acrylic!

When it came to the kitchen, the family emphasised on their necessity for a low-maintenance interior design for their Sobha Silicon apartment. Throughout the house, they fulfilled this by using either laminates or dark surfaces, but in the kitchen, Smitha took a different approach. She used acrylic finishes that are even simpler to maintain and clean when compared to laminates

The U-shaped modular kitchen with metallic blue and white cabinets

The colours in this kitchen cabinet design for the Sobha Silicon 3BHK are similar to those used in the living and the dining rooms. The blue you see here is a metallic blue that pairs beautifully with the white acrylic. Also, the stainless-steel handles are low-maintenance, just like the rest of the kitchen materials.

A closer look at the details of the modular, acrylic-finished kitchen

White quartz went into the making of this kitchen countertop. The warm profile lights installed underneath the upper cabinets do an impressive job at highlighting the countertop. These lights help in enhancing the work efficiency in the kitchen by providing direct, uninterrupted light to the countertop.

The Cost

The cost of this modular unit design for the Sobha Silicon 3BHK is about ₹5.4 lakh. That’s because it has an acrylic finish. However, if she had opted for modern modular options like tall storage units, in-built appliance units or roller shutter units, the cost would have varied significantly.

***Colours and finishes are subject to availability. Please check with your nearest Livspace store to check availability.

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