Spending time playing or learning is essential for the all round development of any child. It is crucial that parents opt for kids room seating ideas that will allow all parties to spend time in comfort. The ideal seating for children’s playroom should be flexible, whether it is to babysit a toddler with his blocks, or to read a bedtime story to a preschooler. We have rounded up 8 types of seating arrangements so your child can make the best use out of their room. 

Kids Room Seating Ideas #1: Floor
kids room seating ideas-blue rug designs-blue cushion designs
A rug with comfy floor cushions

Floor seating is a versatile and practical option for seating for children’s playroom, as it makes use of all the available space. In this #LivspaceHome we have used blues in the seating area to continue the theme of the room. This layout allows for the cushions to be tucked away when they are not being used, so it gives more space for children to play.

Kids Room Seating Ideas #2: Cosy Armchair for Two 
 kids room seating ideas-red armchair designs-whire crib designs
A chair for read aloud stories

In this room, we have installed a cozy armchair as seating for children’s playroom. It is the perfect setting for you to spend some quality story time with your tiny tot. This type of seating is also ideal for you to spend some down time beside your baby’s crib, till they are ready to fall asleep.

Kids Room Seating Ideas #3: Kiddies Chairs & Table
blue kids chair table set-blue wall paint ideas
A mini tea party

If you are looking for seating for children’s playroom to boost their affinity for art and double up as a workstation, your search ends here. This table and chair seating arrangement is also great as a perfect destination for your child’s next stuffed animal tea-party! 

Kids Room Seating Ideas #4: Sun Bed
kids room seating ideas-blue rug designs-blue cushion designs
Bathed in sunshine

Sunlight has a host of benefits, especially for growing children. Take advantage of floor-to-ceiling windows in your child’s room, by using a sunbed as a seating option. In this #LivspaceHome, we have placed a sunbed between floor-length curtains so it works great during nap time too – all you need to do is draw the blinds!

Kids Room Seating Ideas #5: Reading Chair
blue reading chair-reading corner designs
A quiet and cosy corner

Several child development experts believe that seating in the kid’s bedroom must be kept separate from their bed. In line with this belief, we suggest installing a reading chair as seating for children’s playroom. Not only will this provide a quiet corner for them to catch up on superhero comics, it will also ensure a good night’s sleep for the tiny tot and you.

Kids Room Seating Ideas #6: Bay Window
blue bench designs-bay seating ideas
Blissfully blue & by the bay

There is no disputing it – we love bay windows, especially as seating for children’s playroom. In this#LivspaceHome, the built-in bay window offers an intimate escape for your child, especially on lazy afternoons. We have also installed window treatments to restrict the amount of sunlight that streams in, so it can be enjoyed through the day.

Kids Room Seating Ideas #7: Cushioned Bench
cushioned bench designs-pink colour wall ideas
A bench for compact room

Benches are making a big comeback as seating options, and are a cozy and comfortable way of adding some extra seating in your child’s room. If you don’t have the space for a dedicated bench, you can alternatively install a cushioned bench in a small nook.

Kids Room Seating #8: Chairs for Study Table
blue study chairs-kids room wallpaper ideas
Get the writing height right

Getting your child to study can be a challenge, so why not make it fun with some quirky seating? In this #LivspaceHome, we have added colorfully patterned wallpaper, and accentuated that with simple, white wall-mounted tables. The blue chairs complete the space and hold the room together.

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