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We don’t know when mercury’s retrograde is finally going to bow out, but what we do know for certain is that consulting the Zodiac sure does reverse the effects of the retrograde significantly. Here is our very celestial guide of metal according to zodiac sign from Evolve India, that you need to add to your home decor immediately!

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So, if you have wondering, what is my birth metal, you can find your answers here! Check out their collection of ready-to-install panels, door skins, finishes, artefacts and decor items, and find the right fit for your home!

Metal According to Zodiac Sign #1: Iron for Aries, Scorpio & Cancer
metal according to zodiac sign-iron-wall panel-table
Adding elegance with wall panelling
metal according to zodiac sign-iron-wall panel
Knitted iron rust backdrop

Bold, outrageous, unique and made of steel are words that define these signs, much like their birth metal, Iron. Shiny, bright and magnetic, this is a metal that these signs should keep close. So these liquid iron patina wall panels are the perfect addition to the Aries and Scorpio home!

Metal According to Zodiac Sign #2: Copper for Taurus, Libra & Aquarius
metal according to zodiac sign-copper-door finish
Seamless and gleaming door finishes
metal according to zodiac sign-copper-chair
Copper Patina chair

Just like Copper, Taurians, Librans and Aquarians are positive personalities and tend to ward off all evil. There is no better addition to their homes than a door panel finished with copper. Not only is copper a coolant and lucky for these zodiac’s but is also a head-turner every time someone passes by your door!

Metal According to Zodiac Sign #3: Bronze for Gemini, Leo & Virgo
metal according to zodiac sign-bronze-decor
Bronze and beautiful
metal according to zodiac sign-bronze-artefact
Bronze-finished head

Flexible, adaptable and bright are words that you will often hear for people with these zodiac signs. So, bronze is the only metal that will do justice to personalities as bright as theirs! These bronze finished decor pieces or textured bronze wall finishes are the perfect ones to pick to make a statement while still keeping in mind the needs of your zodiac!

Metal According to Zodiac Sign #4: Gunmetal for Sagittarius, Pisces & Capricorn
metal according to zodiac sign-gunmetal-artefact
Make a statement
metal according to zodiac sign-gunmetal-statue
Gunmetal door skin

Gunmetal, an alloy of tin, copper and zinc, is everything that we love when it comes to home decor! Lucky for all the Sagittarians, Capricorns and Pisceans out there, they are the three zodiac signs that this metal is most suited for! This liquid gunmetal finished idol is our favourite one out there and should be on your decor wish-list already.

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