Even before they got the keys to their new apartment, HR professional Neha and management consultant Omkar knew exactly what they wanted their dream interiors in Hyderabad to look like!

A stunning 3BHK with pops of colour in every room

Who livs here: Omkar Sadhu with his wife Neha and his parents
Location: Vajra Jasmine County, Hyderabad
Size of home: 3BHK spanning 1870 sq ft
Design team: Interior designer Ritika Bachala and design manager Priyanka Morkhandikar 
Livspace service: Full home design
Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

“We wanted a minimalistic, simple and functional design with Indian accents woven into it,” says Neha. With these clear ideas in mind they set out to find the perfect interior designer. 

“My colleague recommended Livspace to us after getting their home designed. Since we wanted end-to-end service right from designing to the handover of the project, we found this to be the perfect match,” Omkar explains. 

Livspace designer Ritika Bachala knew exactly what she had to do. Moreover, she knew when to focus on minimalism and where to incorporate Indian accents. Take a look at how we designed their home to maintain open spaces and minimalism so the couple could add to the design with their own memories over the years!

Understanding the layout

A floor plan with the accurate dimensions is necessary for the design process

Looking at the floor plan of this home, you can see commodious bedrooms in three corners and a spacious 110 square foot kitchen in one corner. Consequently, that leaves the home with a living room at the entrance, followed by a long dining room and three bathrooms. Therefore, the design is carefully planned keeping the interiors of this Hyderabad home in mind.

Minimally styled living room

Minimal and cosy living room design
The grey L-shaped sofa provides sufficient seating
interiors in hyderabad-false ceiling-wooden laminate ceiling-L-shaped sofa-jhoola-tv unit
The laminate finish TV unit has a mix of custom and modular units

The first thing you notice when you step into this home are the pristine white walls, giving the interiors its bright and minimalistic look. On the left, you will see a laminate finish TV unit ideal for the couple to display curios from their travels. The sizable L-shaped sofa belongs to the couple’s previously owned furniture along with the dining table and beds.

The custom-made jhoola is made of veneer seating and brass chains

However, what completes the seating arrangement is the custom-made veneer jhoola that happens to be one of Neha’s favourite spots at home.

Custom designed reading nook

The unique jaali design has CNC cut patterns and has backlighting that adds to the grand look
This bookshelf cum partition is a great way to conceal the hand wash area that is exposed to the living room

A noteworthy part of the interiors in this Hyderabad home is the transitional space between the living room and dining room. Originally designed for a pooja unit, this blank wall could be the reading nook that Neha always wanted. Ritika took this bare space and turned into just that while adding a bit of pizzazz. 

The wall niche is with CNC cut jaali in a unique pattern and backlighting. Besides, two units of add a good place for Neha’s books. The base unit has a granite top for seating. Adjacent to the wall niche, Ritika has installed a laminate finish partition that conceals the sink area while adding storage for more books and curios.

Hand-painted designs for a dining room

The dining room has minimal furniture, keeping the layout airy and well-ventilated
The living spaces have false ceiling designs with laminate that adds warmth to the room
A local artist adds a touch of tribal Warli art to the dining room

The dining room has ventilation with only functional furniture. Therefore, the accent wall steals the spot in this room. Ritika suggested getting the accent wall painted by a talented Warli painting artist in Hyderabad. Originating from Maharashtra, Warli art depicts the life and customs of the tribal community through geometric shapes and symmetrical designs. Consequently, this is just the Indian touch the room needs. The bright blue and white wall turns out to be the couple’s favourite spot for selfies.

Furthermore, Ritika’s attention to detail can be seen in the ceiling. She has designed the otherwise simple false ceiling with wooden laminate to give the living spaces a warm touch and a subtle visual break from the white walls and ceilings.

“Ritika helped us with everything right from the design process to the handover. She even accompanied us to the market to pick up the perfect tiles for our kitchen backsplash. Ritika was able to deliver exactly what we wanted.”

– Omkar and Neha, Livspace Homeowners

Pop of sunshine yellow in the kitchen

Hand-picked subway tiles for the backsplash adds a pop of colour
The kitchen has plenty of storage with base cabinets, wall cabinets and loft space
A kitchen island was custom-built with a granite countertop

The interiors of the kitchen in this Hyderabad home has plenty of storage units in high gloss laminate. Subsequently, the subway tiles in a bright yellow colour were added to give the kitchen a pop of colour. Moreover, the layout of this space is optimum with a kitchen island with the same granite countertop.

A timeless and simple design for a bedroom

The end to end hinged wardrobes are in MBR finish
The neutral light wood and white theme give the room its classy look

This white and light wood-tone bedroom keeps Omkar’s parents needs in mind. Subsequently, the wall-to-wall MBR laminate finish wardrobes are from our catalogue. Therefore, these colours were selected to match the existing white bed and light wood side tables.

Adding fall colours to the bedroom

The custom headboard is cushioned and attached to the wall
The bright colours of the wall headboard represent the fall season
The sleek wardrobes are from Ikea

Omkar and Neha already had a low bed and sliding wardrobes from Ikea for their interiors in Hyderabad. Ritika wanted to add lively colours as well as a comfortable element to the room. Therefore, she designed a cushioned headboard that was attached to the walls around the bed.Furthermore, the colours represent the fall season like orange, yellow and green.

Himalayan themed bedroom

interiors-in-hyderabad-digital-wallpaper-mountain-wallpaper-study unit-and-custom-storage
This stunning landscape wallpaper is customised and digitally printed
The study table is a sleek catalogue find and the shelves are custom-made

“For the guest bedroom, we wanted the interiors to have something that would remind us of the Himalayas,” Omkar says.

As you walk into the guestroom of this Hyderabad home, you’ll find an accent wall covered in a breathtaking wallpaper with a landscape design. Therefore, this wallpaper was hand-picked and digitally printed by Ritika to give the travel enthusiasts just what they want. Moreover, the room also has a study unit from the catalogue and custom storage units in light wood laminate.

“As my first project with Livspace, I couldn’t have asked for better homeowners. Neha and Omkar were clear and certain about their requirements and design idea, making the process straightforward and quick. In saying this, they were also easy to work with and open to the idea of experimenting with hand painted artwork and custom designs that resulted in this beautiful home!”

– Ritika Bachala, Interior Designer, Livspace

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