Big on style, smart with storage; this Lodha Luxuria Priva 2BHK has it all!

Who livs here: Meghna Duarah & Nikhil Pande

Location: Lodha Luxuria Priva, Thane

Size of home: 850 sq. ft.  approx.

Design team: Interior designer Saniya Gabhare & Project Manager Rakesh Patil

Livspace service: Full Home Design (kitchen excluded)

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

Buying your first home and shaping it as per your taste is one of the most fulfilling experiences of adult life. Among all the pressures of your work life and challenges of personal life, your own home serves as an anchor. So when Meghna and Nikhil, a strapping young couple from Thane, came to us with their Lodha Luxuria Priva apartment, we were more than happy to help. Our designer Saniya Gabhare spent a considerable amount of time trying to understand the lifestyle and choices of this busy working couple. After which, she made suitable design suggestions for their Lodha Luxuria 2 BHK.

Let us take you through this distinctly youthful home that reflects great taste and a penchant for fuss-free design.

Love for Classics

While this home in Lodha Luxuria Priva belongs to a young couple scaling the heights of the corporate world, their taste in interiors is rather mature. We could also call it refined. We see a smattering of classic pieces of furniture in this Lodha Luxuria 2 BHK. There is an iconic Chesterfield couch and a quintessential wooden bench in the living area. The dining table too is a traditional solid wood piece. 

Even when it comes to the colour scheme, Meghna and Nikhil opted for a very classy mix of blues and greys. We see youthful pops of yellow and red among the drapes toned down with white sheers. 

Carefully Crafted Customisation

If there is one downside of living in the maximum city, it has to be the lack of space. So when every inch counts, well-thought out customisation is your best bet. And that is just what Saniya did for this Lodha Luxuria Priva apartment. 

This compact 2BHK did not have a foyer; so Saniya created one by adding a polished wooden partition over the shoe cabinet. The same effect was replicated in the pooja niche that stands diametrically opposite to the main door. Moreover, as the partition design is porous, it does not eat up space.

The storage unit with open niches is another exquisite piece of custom work in this Lodha Luxuria Priva home. The open storage unit extends into the ceiling in the form of a wooden panel creating an interesting visual effect. In fact, Meghna and Nikhil were so enamoured by this design that they were ready to go for it at considerable cost.

Glam Quotient From Glossy Finishes

There is no doubt about the fact that this Lodha Luxuria Priva home is effortlessly classy. Saniya has notched up its glamour quotient by using a range of subtle yet glossy finishes. She has used a white acrylic finish for the sliding wardrobe in the master bedroom. This storage unit from the Livspace catalogue has a natural sheen to it. In the guest bedroom, the custom storage unit is done up in high-gloss laminate finish. However, the most elegant shine in this home emanates from the polished wooden partitions. 

Floating Cabinets & Other Space-saving Hacks

Style may be personal but storage space is an universal element of interior design. And in a city like Mumbai, where space is scarce, you need all the space-saving hacks and more to get the right mix of storage and style. For Meghna and Nikhil’s Lodha Luxuria Priva apartment, our designer used a classic space-saving idea — floating cabinets. Both the TV units, in the living room and master bedroom, are floating. This holds true for the vanity counter as well. This ensures that the ample number of storage units do not consume floor space. 

Another smart and oft-used space-saving trick we see in this Lodha Luxuria 2 BHK is mirrors. Our favourites are the two mirrored panels on either side of the bed in the couple’s bedroom.

lodha luxuria priva-mirror panel designs-bed without headboard
Useful mirror panels
The Showstopper

What stuck out most in this home was the customised storage unit built around the bed in the couple’s guest bedroom. There was no space for an end-to-end wardrobe on a wall in this room. So the design team suggested this C-shaped unit with a bed (from our catalogue) fitted into the centre. Meghna & Nikhil readily gave their blessing to this design. 

lodha luxuria priva-bed without headboard-c shaped storage unit
C-shaped storage unit

“Meghna and Nikhil are a very friendly young couple who were completely involved in the design process. They had read up at great length about the details of interiors and were very knowledgeable about the subject. Thus, all their decisions were very well-informed. It is always a pleasure to work with such aware clients.”

– Saniya Gabhare, Interior Designer, Livspace

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