Imagine living in a beautiful home with gorgeous interiors you’ve always wanted. Not only that, everything is within your budget! Sounds like an impossible dream? It’s not. The trick is to find the right interior designer who can give you the perfect low-budget house of your dreams.

These Mumbai homeowners found their perfect designer at Livspace and the end results have been just stunning! Here are five of the best low-budget house designs in Mumbai under ₹10 Lakh.

1: A Century-Old Marine Drive Apartment Done Up Like a Dream

A Chesterfield back sofa dominates this gorgeous living room of this low-budget simple house design
Wooden accent chairs and coral pillows for casual seating

Location: Sadhguru Sadan, Marine Drive, Mumbai

If you love happy transformation stories, this low-budget simple house design is for you! While this is  a century-old Marine Drive flat, there is no hint of its well-lived history.

With a medley of rich wooden tones, upholstered pieces, and striking corners, doesn’t it look supremely cosy? This low-budget house design also gets brownie points for a beautiful dark wood TV panel which runs up to the ceiling.

Price range: 1-5L.

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2: A Low-Budget Simple House Design at Lodha Splendora

A grey tufted leatherette softens the living area
A subtle textured wallpaper is the perfect setting for this muted but charming bedroom design

Location: Lodha Splendora, Thane

This 450 sq. ft. low-budget house gives serious goals when it comes to space-saving ideas and gorgeous interiors. This home has everything it takes to make a style statement. With subtle wallpapers, an elegant false ceiling and earthy tones, this low-budget house certainly captivates your attention. 

Price range: 1-5L

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3: An Ajmera i-Land Home Gets a Cheerful Update

A boho-chic living room with a dash of colour and soft fabrics
Geometric wallpaper adds a little dimension to the bedroom in this low-budget house design

Location: Wadala East, Mumbai

For those who love a boho vibe, this low-budget house is straight up your alley. With statement furniture and its breezy vibe, the home certainly scores a perfect ten. Moreover, the rooms feature a vibrant colour palette with ample display units for souvenirs.

Price range: 5-10L

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4: This 2BHK Is Just As Clever As It Is Compact

The open kitchen blends seamlessly with the living room as a result of the colours in this low-budget house design in Mumbai
The muted pastel wallpaper in this low-budget house design lets the stunning satin headboard pop

Location: Rock Enclave, Kandivali West, Mumbai

This 2BHK in Kandivali West is 850 sq. ft. The homeowners were particular about having ample storage with optimum space utilisation within the stipulated budget. The result?

A modern low-budget house with a beautiful exposed brick wall, accent lights, subtle wallpapers and smart storage. We love how the kitchen opens up to the living room so that the family could whip up a meal and not to miss their favourite TV shows at the same time!

Price range: 5-10L

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5: A 2HK in Golden Square With a Breezy Makeover

An artsy living room with a statement wall and a riot of colours in accessories
An exposed brick wall to highlight some statement pieces and the bar area in this low-budget house in Mumbai

Location: Golden Square, Mumbai

This low-budget house for a family of five (including a furry one) was desperate for a makeover. The home now sports a modern look that reflects the family’s vibrant personality.

Props to the designer for adding stylish elements like a wall-mounted TV unit, electric blue and white crockery unit, exposed brick wall and a bar nook.

Price range: 5-10L

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6: A Compact Home in Goregaon Designed to Fit the Needs of 3

Love the bright accent chairs!
Storage in every corner of this low-budget house in Mumbai!

Location: JP Decks, Goregaon, Mumbai

When you live in Mumbai, tiny matchbox-sized homes are a hard reality that you have to deal with! But with some smart design tips, every home, irrespective of size, can be transformed into a stunning space.

This low budget 2BHK house design in Mumbai is a lesson on space-saving design hacks. For instance, the designer has smartly used vertical space for storage. Also, floating units like the TV unit saves on the available space and reflective glossy finishes create the illusion of a larger area.

Price range: 7-10L

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7: A Comfy and Chic Interior Design for a Compact 2BHK

The statement wall in this low-budget house in Mumbai looks so classy!
The perfect way to fit storage in a small, low-budget house in Mumbai

Location: Himgiri Apartmnt, Pedder Road, Mumbai

For this home, comfort was key! The homeowners wanted their interiors to be chic and classy, while also being high on comfort and storage. This 2BHK has some smart features that we love!

For instance, considering the small size of most Mumbai homes, adding ample storage space can usually be difficult. Not for Livspace! Our designer added storage cabinets in the foyer wall.

With sliding shutters, this provides extensive storage without compromising on space. With the Herringbone pattern flooring, striking blue Chesterfield sofa and texture paint with POP grooving walls, this home is the epitome of elegance.

Price range: 1-5L

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8. This 800 sq. ft. Kandivali Home Is a Storage-Efficient Paradise

Feel the airy vibes running through this lovely home in Kandivali

Location: Kalpataru Towers, Kandivali East

Transforming an 800 sq. ft. low-budget house in Mumbai to a spacious and clutter-free home could be an impossible task for many, but not for Livspace. Our Livspace designer used a neutral colour palette and furniture that’s multi-functional to achieve the near-impossible task of making a small, compact home take on the airy vibe of a spacious one. 

She also advised the Shah family to keep things minimal. Instead of cluttering the space with additional storage units, she opted for furniture that had storage options. Brilliant use of space and purpose, isn’t it?

Price range: 7-10L.

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9: A 2BHK in Navi Mumbai That Was Completed in 10 Weeks

Designing a beautiful home in less than 10 weeks is a Livspace signature move

Location: Kanakia Sevens, Mumbai

Elevating small and compact interiors to appear larger requires a deft hand and careful planning. When it’s combined with a tight timeline, the task becomes even more challenging.

In less than 10 weeks, we at Livspace, undertook the magnanimous task of designing this 2BHK and giving it a touch of luxury, refinement and sophistication. With a parallel kitchen design that has brilliant storage units and bedrooms bathed in beige and neutrals, this home is worth a look.

Price range: 5-10L.

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10: A 500 sq. ft. Mumbai Home That Uses Every Space-Saving Trick in the Book

Design the house of your dreams and don’t let space crunch stand in the way

Location: Seawoods, Navi Mumbai

The 180 sq. ft. of this low-budget single floor house design has a swing, a seating area and multiple storage options. But that’s not all! This simple low-budget single floor house design in Mumbai combines sophistication and affordability to create a space that truly speaks to you.

Price range: 5-10L.

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11. This Glam Mumbai Home is All Things Luxury and Yet, Just 870 sq. ft.

Take a look at this Mumbai home putting on ritz and glam
A Mumbai home that lives up to the luxurious standards of the ‘saapno ka shehr’

Location: Lodha Elisium, Wadala, Mumbai

Exceptionally stylish for a compact home, this low-budget single floor house design in Mumbai stands out for all the right things! Think minimal and yet find a designer touch to the fabrics, finishes and furniture in this home. From using stunning silk wallpapers to mirror elements, this home has a sleek design that’s practical, functional and convenient.

Price range: 10-15L.

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12. A Contemporary 2BHK House Design That’s Compact and Just 620 sq. ft.

A dash of emerald green livens up the contemporary essentials-only living room in this low-budget Mumbai home
Combine glamour and minimalism, find comfort in a soothing blue bedroom

Location: Lodha Elisium, Wadala, Mumbai

This Lodha Elisium Mumbai home is beautifully minimal. It follows an essentials-only approach not only in the living room, but the same theme runs through in the master bedroom, kitchen and guest bedroom.

Enjoy the modern, functional design of this contemporary home. Moreover, this low-budget house design in Mumbai has a seamless flow of colours and geometric shades that make it pop in the heart of the City of Dreams!

Price range: 5-10L.

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Check out this compact but beautiful Mumbai home:

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